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Sanei Co., Ltd.

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Sales Pitch

Three core enterprises: comprehensive metal heat treatment, blackening, and cleaning
Comprehensive metal heat treatment
(1) We own a wide range of equipment. -- We on batch furnaces, vacuum heat-treatment furnances, and salt quenching furnaces.
(2) Composition of heat-treatment equipment consisting mainly of machine tool parts, tool parts, mass-produced precision parts, and molds
(3) Heat treatment designed to address products of many varieties and in small lots and to alleviate strains and bends; and special heat treatment (such as magnetic annealing and precipitation hardening)
Blackening (black dye)
(1) Large equipment: the region's largest treatment equipment (2,000 x 1,100 x 1,000) 
(2) Our original treatment solution: We prepare a treatment solution on our own every day, thereby ensuring stable quality and neat finish.
(3) Large equipment is used to shorten lead times and reduce total costs.
--> We meet the need of large and mass-produced parts and other equipment.
(1) We can propose a cleaning method that meets your specifications.
(2) We own equipment ranging widely from equipment for hydrocarbon-based cleaning and pure water cleaning to clean rooms (class 1,000).
(3) We can clean semiconductor-related parts and other products with high cleanliness or other requirements.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company handles a wide variety of processing from metal thermal treatment, blackening, and blasting to washing. We possess a wealth of equipment and we do business with manufacturers in various business categories. We can even manufacture products requiring thermal treatment, blackening, and other processes under an integrated production system. This contributes to reducing lead time and total cost, and simplifying management. Our company has focused on receiving orders for precision part (micro part) mass production and high-mix low-volume production since its establishment. This makes it possible for us to reduce turnaround times.

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1968, and we have been providing thermal treatment of precision parts (fine parts) for watches and cameras ever since. We also excel at high-mix low-volume production for machine tool-related parts as well as jig and tool parts. We mainly handle mass-produced precision parts and machine tool-related parts (rotary tools and tools) in our metal thermal treatment. We possess a wide range of equipment for general thermal treatment, vacuum thermal treatment, and salt quenching. We have the second-largest equipment for blackening (triiron tetraoxide film) in Nagano Prefecture and the largest in our local area, and treatment liquids based on our unique technology. We can apply our equipment and liquids to handle a wide range of production from large parts to high-mix low-volume production. We possess hydrocarbon washing, pure water washing, and cleanroom equipment for high-standard washing and blasting, and we can make use of them to propose washing methods that satisfy your specifications. We apply our three core technologies to satisfy various needs. We also support flexible production based on our integrated production system consisting of multiple processes.

Metal thermal treatment, surface treatment, and high-standard washing

[Representative's message]
We used to receive orders mainly from customers in Nagano Prefecture, but we now receive orders from outside the prefecture as well. This is because of our unique technology and equipment. We will continue to strive to satisfy increasingly varied needs by further exploiting the characteristics of our technology and equipment.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We can effectively add composite value by combining other kinds of processing at our company. We combine thermal treatment and blasting for oxide film removal after thermal treatment, and also blasting and blackening for black scale removal before blackening. These combinations include blackening and washing for packaging in a clean state after blackening.

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