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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:39

Nature Co., Ltd.

We specialize in survey research into aqueous environment and aquatic living organisms, and develop water-quality improvement apparatus.

We have succeeded in the productization of a multifunctional dam water improvement apparatus and a next-generation photocatalytic water purification apparatus. This apparatus can be applied to a variety of uses from environmental reform to aquaculture. Our products utilize cutting-edge microbubble and photocatalyst technologies, and also stand at the vanguard of eco-technology, hallmarked by their excellent energy-saving performance. We are planning to launch our products in the fields of eutrophication control of ponds, bogs and lakes, and the aquaculture industry in Japan. We also plan to tap overseas market potential in such areas as infectious disease control through drinking water in developing countries, and aquaculture or aquatic control against contamination by chemicals in emerging nations.


Sales Pitch

Next-generation energy-saving and highly functional water purification device (BP Eraser)
Our products turn unhygienic tap water abroad into safe water drinkable at room temperature.
It is an energy-saving water quality purification device that can control plankton such as Aoko, disinfection of bacteria, virus, protozoa, decomposition of chemical substances such as agricultural chemicals, and decomposition of organic substances, regardless of whether it is fresh water or sea water.
Our products are best suited for aquarium tanks and for disinfecting water used in fishery culture.
It is a variety of water quality purification devices that can handle energy conservation and functionality that can be realized by utilizing photocatalytic reaction, as well as large water volumes such as aquarium tanks and dam lakes.
Our products can make harmless harmful waste solutions from laboratories and experiment facilities.
It can cope with various applications such as countermeasures against water bodies in lakes and ponds, sterilization and disinfection of water in aquaculture, countermeasure against ballast water on ship, countermeasures against odor and measures against infectious diseases in aquaculture treatment, anti-algae countermeasure in aquarium and fish disease.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
The greatest strength of our company is the capability of our aqueous environment engineers to offer the proposals and suggestions for improvement that are most suitable for each candidate installation site of our water-quality improvement apparatus developed by those specialist engineers. Our products are embodiments of ultramodern technologies like microbubble and photocatalyst. They represent the world’s most advanced eco-technology, and demonstrate superior performance in energy saving as well.

[Business description]
Our specialty is survey research into aqueous environment and aquatic living organisms. We have taken full advantage of the expertise and experience accumulated by our company to promote our research and development efforts, and have obtained three patents relating to water-quality improvement apparatuses. Based on these patents, we have achieved the commercial production of a multifunctional dam water improvement apparatus and a next-generation photocatalytic water purification apparatus. Both of these products can be used in a wide range of fields from environmental applications to the aquaculture industry.

Environmental consultancy and water purifier manufacturing

[Representative's message]
The prospects for business in the field of environmental research appear to be dwindling due to budgetary cutbacks in spending for public work projects. But if we cast our eyes abroad, the global “water business” appears to have a promising future in that the market size is expected to reach 80 billion US dollars in 2025. In the meantime, water shortages and water contamination in developing countries are urgent issues to be addressed. Our company is still a micro enterprise, but we are sure that there must be something we can do with our technologies to help resolve various water issues in many countries of the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company sets out to develop and consolidate sales to ponds near tourist spots and dam reservoirs under state and local government control when it comes to the domestic market. We also plan to make inroads into the aquaculture industry and aquariums. As for overseas market development, we are considering approaching institutions like the UN-Habitat and JICA at the moment.

[Awards and media coverage]
Web TV: Fukuoka no Shacho TV in 2013
Magazines: Fukuoka Keizai (May 2016 issue)

NETIS (New Technology Information System) registration No. QS-130005-A (Lake Controller)

[Intellectual property]
Patents granted for: “Water purifier using photocatalyst (Registration No. JP 5753997 B)”, for which the trademark “Aoko ireiza” has been registered; and “Apparatus for improving quality of water in dam lake, river or lake (Registration No. JP 4769325 B)”, for which the trademark “Reiku kontorora” has been registered; and one other registration.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ