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Environmental Total System Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We propose water purifying systems that make use of the latest water treatment systems for domestic well water and food production water, and which reduce running costs. We support our customers to secure safe water for daily life and water for food production. We are also strengthening our capabilities to propose equipment and systems with which industrial wastewater from factories and construction sites is drained by the customers themselves. We aim to be an integrated water treatment planner.

[Business description]
We design, install, and sell equipment for water treatment systems, and sell coagulants and equipment for wastewater and waste fluid. We handle sales of products including inorganic coagulants for wastewater from factories, construction sites, and so on, and antalkalis for cement drainage. We offer COD and BOD reduction and muddy water treatment equipment, rapid filtration machinery and water softening equipment for businesses such as factories, and purifying equipment for homes and businesses. We also make proposals for water treatment, drainage, and wastewater and waste liquid treatment systems.

Water treatment business

[Representative's message]
We supply technology that will help our customers to produce better food by introducing proper water treatment in food factories and stores, including treatment for converting well water into drinking water. This is based on the technology we have been developing since our foundation. Recently we have launched a drainage and wastewater treatment business in earnest for factories and construction sites. We have made use of our many years of experience in water treatment to develop a next-generation inorganic coagulant. Our target is to become a pioneer enterprise in water treatment according to a wide range of requests.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We support our customers’ overseas business expansion with coagulants for drainage treatment, muddy water treatment equipment, COD reduction equipment (resolution of hard-to-resolve material), and so on. Recently we have applied our many years of experience in drainage (wastewater) processing to significantly strengthen our drainage treatment business. We receive frequent inquiries from customers about this line of business. We make proposals on inorganic coagulants and antalkalis for factories and construction sites, drainage (wastewater) treatment equipment and systems, and so on.

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