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Artience Lab Inc.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our corporate core is composed of state-of-the-art hologram technology and 3D video technology. These are unique technologies that also incorporate artistry. Our business features the integration of art and science. We apply this integration to create, settle, and develop new merchandise and services to have customers experience happiness and excitement. We always provide high-quality merchandise and services from the customer’s perspective to satisfy our customers.

[Business description]
Our company plans, develops, designs, manufactures, and sells high-quality holograms. We also conduct R&D, design, manufacturing, and sales related to applied products. Our representative used to be engaged in hologram development at Sony Corporation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We conduct consignment research by making use of the hologram technology and development knowledge we have cultivated based on our track record. Our products include WOWGRAM, WOWLIGHT, and WOWcode. WOWGRAM is a high-quality moving hologram that we developed independently. WOWLIGHT is a product with a built-in light source to enable appreciation of WOWGRAM under the best conditions. WOWcode is an authentication tool that can be read with a smartphone.

Manufacturing (hologram and related product planning, development, design, manufacturing, and sales)

[Representative's message]
We have confidence in our technology, merchandise, and quality, but we do not have high-level independent sales channel cultivation abilities. We will make effective use of the Internet, our website, and SNS for B2C sales.  We will make the most of J-GoodTech to extract B2B market cultivation potential.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We continue to expand our business based on our core technologies of holograms and 3D video, with priority to marketing. We will enrich our lineup of WOWGRAM, WOWLIGHT, and other entertainment products for B2C sales. We will focus on online shopping and developing tourist areas, as well as collaboration with advertising agencies and the event industry. We will implement WOWcode on a full scale for security, authenticity assessment, and certification in B2B sales. We will also ascertain market needs for visualization and interfacing.

[Awards and media coverage]
Chiba Prefecture Monozukuri Certified Product selection for our full-color hologram with a built-in light source (August 2014); Optical Society of Japan, Holographic Display Artists and Engineers Club, Suzuki and Okada Memorial Prize (May 2017).

"Monthly Takarajima," Business Shinchoryu column (November 2014); "Chiba Kenmin Dayori" (July 2015); "Sign & Display" (October 2015).

Chiba Prefecture Monozukuri Certified Product

[Intellectual property]
Patents applied for: Seven in Japan and two overseas.

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