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Latest update: 01/10/2018 19:23:47

Shonai Create Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Technology for People

We will develop a product from design to parts processing, assembly and electrical installation in a consistent production system.

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Sales Pitch

Radio-Frequency Hyperthermia System ASKIRF-8
ASKIRF-8 is a cancer thermal therapy machine, and radio-frequency hyperthermia therapy is an insurance applied treatment.
It can selectively warm the tumor in the deep part of the body and treat it.
It has few side effects and can be treated any number of times. Combined use with chemotherapy and radiation therapy can be expected to enhance the therapeutic effect.


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Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have gained high customer appreciation by providing customized automatic machines to a wide range of industrial fields. Our greatest feature is that we can apply our experience to satisfy various customer requests. We are licensed to manufacture specially controlled medical devices and to manufacture general medical devices. These licenses mean that we can satisfy a wider range of customer requests than ever.

[Business description]
We have an integrated system for manufacturing various automatic machines from design and internal part procurement to assembly, electrical instrumentation, on-site installation, and operation guidance. Our automatic machine products include thread and film manufacturing equipment, X-ray inspection devices, plate making machines, and food machines. We can manufacture all of these products on order for our customers. We received approval for manufacture and sales of the AISKIRF-8 cancer treatment machine (generally called a high-frequency hyperthermia system) in December 2016. This launched our business of medical device manufacturing and sales.

General industrial machine manufacturing; medical device manufacturing and sales

[Representative's message]
We have high expectations about information collection for overseas sales of the AISKIRF-8 cancer treatment machine. Our company has extensive experience regarding heating and inspection equipment that makes use of the characteristics of radio waves to X-rays. We will also satisfy new product development requests.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will build up a track record of clinical results with the AISKIRF-8 cancer treatment machine in Japan. We will acquire   pharmaceutical approval for sales in other countries through contract research organizations (CROs) in ASEAN countries and China. We will proceed with investigations to find major candidate companies for sales agencies in our target countries.

[Awards and media coverage]
Local newspaper (Shonai Nippo); local TV (TUY); Asahi Shimbun (Tohoku edition).

Class I medical device manufacturing and sales license
General medical device manufacturing license

[Intellectual property]
We have already acquired approval for sales in Japan and completed proceedings for PCT application into the national phase in China, India, the EU, and the USA.

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ