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Latest update: 27/01/2021 13:36:56


Ultra-small diameter hole drilling technology that changes the concept of cutting.

We are a leading precision gun drill machine manufacturers for small diameter gun drills from Φ0.8 to 13. The product sales overseas, and contracted processing services in Japan for 30 years.


Sales Pitch

Precision gun drilling machine maker
Medical gun drilling machine / JDH-600-RF
Relative rotational type of Precision gun drilling machine

The medical gun drilling machine is a high-precision model (internationally patented) especially developed for medical use and is particularly designed for hole diameters of φ 0.8 to 6.0, which are in high demand for medical and other types of instruments. It permits high-quality deep hole drilling. Even though the relative rotation system, its deep holes can be machined in the workpieces that have already been processed, and its maximum deep hole drilling length is 600 mm.
Table type of deep hole boring machine
The precision small-diameter deep hole drilling machine is a table-type gun drill machine developed so that holes can be drilled in arbitrary positions on workpieces of various shapes.

It is a high-precision model (international patented) and is specially designed for hole diameters of φ0.8 (0.5) to 6.0, which are difficult to drill with a gun drill. We also have a lineup of φ4 to 13 hole diameters. By making the main body column horizontal, the rigidity is increased and more accurate deep hole machining is realized.

By installing FANUC’s CNC system, it is possible to create a drilling program even with the world standard G code.
Simple table type of deep hole boring machine
The simple table type deep hole boring machine can create setup and machining programs more easily than the table type by mounting workpieces of various shapes on the jig.

As with our other models, we have a lineup that supports hole diameters of Φ1 to 6 and Φ4 to 10.

Other presentation

Know-how based on long years of deep hole drilling experience

Our deep hole drilling is based on over 30 years of experience as specialists in deep hole drilling. We have cultivated our technology by responding to the diverse and difficult processing needs of our customers. In particular, one of greatest assets (advanced technology) has been our long history of continuously and diligently responding to highly difficult processing requests from competitors unable to respond to difficult requests. We apply that experience and technology towards the development of our gun drilling machines.

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