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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:38

Isaac Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Our machines pulverize synthetic resin.
Our original jet mill pulverizes organic and inorganic matter. 
The jet mill can be equipped with a mesh inside, thereby obviating the need for grading, while obtaining a sharp distribution of grain sizes.
Our machines pulverize matter into nano-particles.
They do not deteriorate under heat.
They can pulverize synthetic resin pellets at normal temperature.
Synthetic resin can be pulverized to prepare highly-diverse functional resin.
Pulverization is possible regardless of the resin variety.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our pulverization technology involves producing an ultra-high-speed swirling flow by a perfectly round disk in order to pulverize objects using strong centrifugal force. We can pulverize various objects into particles of 500 nm or less, which is finer than particles produced by conventional products. The particle size distribution is also sharper than conventional products. Production efficiency is improved by performing pulverization and classification in a one-step process. This process is enabled by creating a vacuum in the center of a swirling flow using strong centrifugal force in order to produce suctioning force. This technology has the potential to be applied in a wide variety of fields including chemicals, medical treatment, food, plastics, printing, dyeing, and so on.

[Business description]
Our company was established in 2013 with the aim of applying our unique dry pulverization core technology to improve the quality of resin compounds. Our chemicals department performs powder processing including pulverization crushing, surface treatment, and granule molding, and synthetic resin processing including functional compounds of synthetic resin. Our engineering department manufactures and sells our unique Typhoon dry pulverization jet mills we have developed for making fine powder. Conventional jet mills push the objects to be pulverized. Our product can stably pulverize objects into particles of a given diameter at the nano level by causing them to be suctioned in descending currents.

Crushing machine manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our challenge is to handle a situation in which we cannot spend enough time on sales activities because of our small workforce. We have confidence in our technological capabilities, and we will focus on publicity based on this strength while making use of J-GoodTech. We appreciate your attention.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company excels in pulverization technology for making fine powder. We aim to publicize this technology by actively participating in exhibitions and the like in order to cultivate markets.

[Intellectual property]
Patent application for jet mills for our unique manufacturing method filed in April 2013. Currently under request for examination.

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