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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:41


Improving functionality and designability reflected on bags with artisans' enthusiasm devoted to creation of bags for over 190 years.

Have the longest corporate history of over 193 years among the bag makers of Japan. The focus in the development is the functionality and usability, which are well evaluated by the buyers and users, such as large GMSs, department stores and specialty stores.  Succeeded in the development of the most noiseless wheels in the world
 and has brought new prospective to the bag and travel industries. Having wholly-owned factory to produce handmade bags with craftsmanship and overseas manufacturing basis to proceed mass production at eight areas. Also one of the divisions is capable of and responsible for the development and production of fibre trunk luggages, which only several companies in the world are. KAGEN is the 100% owned aterier
 to create and retail unique, sophisticated and high-quality of bags and accessories, such as wallets, mobile cases and other small and useful stuff.


Sales Pitch

Trolley luggage called FREQUENTER with noiseless wheels, useful front panel pocket to reach to main body compartment and outer-installed stopper to easily work by one push. Other men's models smart, sophisticated and functional both for business and holiday uses.
We have been carrying out and still improving through quality control under the established management system. The products made and originally inspected in overseas are to be transported to and double-inspected in Japan. In repairing products, our artisans proceed with prominent technology and strong commitment to customer service, completing all the procedures within three days at earliest. Also as part of maintenance mechanism, the replacement wheels are available in the market for users to replace by themselves easily. Our businesses range wide from the production, including OEM and made-to-order, wholesale, to import-and-export of the bags. We pride ourselves on a lot of OEM and made-to-orders from various celebrity companies and brands among our customers. Many customer companies and schools appreciate our OEM based products, including novelties and icon products to be used at special events and ceremonies.
Our signature product is the trolley suitcase FREQUENTER. What is significant about the series are; 1. Patented wheels are specially structured to reduce the rolling noise down to less than 1/5 by sensory index based on db comparison measurement, 2. Duel structured lubber of high quality absorbs the vibration from the road surface to reduce it by 70% according to the result of vertical vibration examination by using the wheels of the same structure, 3. Panels are made from reinforced poly carbonate developed by Byer.  Particularly the newest model called CLAM ADVANCE has a front panel pocket to enable access to the inner main body easily and comfortably and external stopper tool installed on a  back panel to secure the suitcase to floor by one push operation. There are color variations of black, navy, wine and dark brown and sizes from 23ltr to 49ltr, some of which are carry-on and storable in coin lockers. 
Our flagship Japan -oriented brand called KAGEN has highly skilled artisans to create handmade bags and accessories at the main factory/atelier by using well-trained, precise and polite technique. The products with brand KAGEN are sort of flagship
 creation of us and the design and quality is highly evaluated and long-loved by big
 fans. KAGEN is often used by media, including magazines and TV.
Owing eight overseas manufacturing basis to handle mass production under severe quality control and inspection system, we deliver highly functional and user-friendly bags of excellent quality. The fabrics and parts are closely checked and  the smart
 and sophisticated designs developed by our creation team have been and will be
 targeting both business scenes and holidays. The brands called NEOPRO and PLUS are well appreciated by business persons and SPASSO and FARVIS are for town waling and holiday activities.  The signature FREQUENTER has been enjoying reputations among travelers for business or amusement both to internal or external areas. We are prepared to deliver from one piece of bag to the buyers and users at their direct request to headquarters or branch offices.
The OEM expertise and quality of our bags and cases come from our long track record of experiences.
Computer cases:
These computer cases have been customized for shop floors using handheld computers designed to enter data into liquid crystals by using a stylus outdoors during the daytime. A flap attached to the side that helps protect the screen and improve recognizability is combined with the idea of fixing a computer on the arm of a worker with a surface fastener belt in the back of the case. This combination has alleviated stresses in continuous work.
Tool cases:
These tool boxes are delivered to top customers of famous manufacturers. The exterior is made of leather, while the interior is made of soft-touch napped material to finish it with a soft feel. A serial number is carved in the case to prove that it is unique and has no equivalent elsewhere and is equipped with a dog tag (an identification tag). It is thus a special novelty.
Radio transmitter box:
We have been making radio transmitter boxes for 10 years. Information for train route repair people: these boxes protect devices that give notices on train traffic information with radio. To meet ever-changing circumstances, we propose highly reliable materials an easy-to-maintain mechanisms and perform further improvements while monitoring shop-floor opinions.

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