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Unication Group

Unication is specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced communications related products, such as alpha pagers, voice pagers and two-way radio communications systems. Our products are specifically designed for the usage of emergency services, public safety and homeland security sectors. Critical rescue, paramedics and firefighters hold the reliability of our alpha pagers and voice pagers in high regard, while Military officials and policemen prize our two-way radio systems for their many features. Our products are adopted by Northern America, Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia.

We are very proud of integrating up-to-date automotive control facilities with our engineers' technical know-how, and we are always efficient in satisfying our clients' demands. Unication has also successfully established effective partnerships with some of the most illustrious companies world-wide, establishing a global brand that is well-known with experts in the field.
Unication continuously seeks to provide faster, higher quality service than ever worldwide. This is our ultimate mission: to be a customer-driven company, striving to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but also exceed them.

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G1 Voice Pager

Rugged. Reliable. Built to last. With an IP67 ingress rating and held to MIL-STD-810 standards, the G1 is the most rugged voice pager in the market. 
Available in LB, VHF and UHF, the G1 is rich with features, including 16 minutes of stored voice messages, and 11 minutes of voice memos. Its Bluetooth capability allows you to pair your G1 with other devices, and seven different backlight color options allow you to assign colors to different channels. As a software defined pager, customization is easy and quick, and frequent updates from Unication will make sure that you never fall behind in technology. When you serve to save lives, Unication serves you.

The Unication G4 and G5 Voice Pagers are the first voice pagers in the world to have Analog/Digital capabilities, including VHF & UHF/700/800MHz, Conventional, 2Tone, P25 Trunking, and P25 Conventional. The G4 and G5 Voice Pagers also have Automatic Demodulation to detect the required protocol, and switch without manual input. This means saving costs—no need to buy new pagers after your dispatch center upgrades to digital.
In addition, our Unication G series pagers are designed rugged and reliable, with IP67 ingress rating and MIL-STD-810 standards. Added with 64 channels, scanning mode, and 6 receiving modes, our Unication voice pagers are bound to fulfill your communication needs.
Alpha Series

Whether you are part of a large workforce that is always on the move, or are simply looking for dependable and effective communication, the Unication Alpha Series Pagers are guaranteed to satisfy your communication needs. Since Unication has entered the industry, critical rescue personnel, paramedics and firefighters have all held the reliability of our Alpha Series Pagers in the highest regard. In addition, Unication also provides AES-128 encryption options which guarantee the privacy of your clients, and the confidentiality of your work. The fully synthesized pagers are not only your pagers, but also your calendar, text message center, notebook and alarm clock— all in one.

Unication Alpha Series Pager, your best companion on the go.

The U3 Radio is a handheld specifically designed for organizations relating to Public Safety, and Homeland Security. It is a Multiple Protocol SDR (Software Defined Radio) Radio, with Analog and Digital in a single device; in addition, it can automatically detect the incoming signal and switch recieving modes, with no reprogramming required. With P25 and DMR capability, the U3 can serve in many different environmental conditions with its diverse selection of 12 different band models (LB, VHF, UHF, 700/800). 
Its capabilities include sending images, on-screen GPS mapping, R&R repeater mode, and Bluetooth interoperability. The U3 Radio will solve the varied problems that you so often face, and provide you with the radio that your unit needs.
The M1 Mobile Radio is an essential part of the Unication radio family, providing both the flexibility and coverage needed in Public Safety as well as Homeland security. It operates like a larger version of the U3 radio, providing active multi-mode for Analog / Digital signals, and can even act as a single channel repeater to extend operations range. Even with its larger size, the M1 is still IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and Unication offers manpack options, vehicle options or desktop options for different requirements.

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