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Health, which is what we are seeking

LIBATAPE PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer that has developed products that protect the skin, including first-aid bandages for general household use, individual-wrapped outer skin disinfectants and large-sized bandages at medical institutions, and skin care cosmetics for mail order. 

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Sales Pitch

Management philosophy "The company is its people -creativity, enthusiasm, and sincerity"
Each employee will continue to work tirelessly to provide products, which will provide customers with assurance.
Our sales department grasps customer needs and supports them.
Our development department cultivates our technology and designs to meet customer needs.
Our purchasing department procures and manages the raw material and material needed to produce our products.
Our production department pursues efficiency in the production line and completes products based on the required standard.
Our quality control department warrants product quality by performing testing and inspection according to GMP.

Our product creation philosophy
Customer needs are diverse; each one is different, and they continue to change as the times change.
Libatape Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. pursues these needs and shapes then with flexible ideas.
Our products are created by designing customer ideas based on their needs and adding safety and ease-of-use to these.
Flexibles ideas that meet the needs of our customers
The technical ability to provide a shape your imagination
Quality control ensures that our products can be used with confidence.
Product information
<Products for medical institutions>
Large adhesive plaster
Medical equipment (dressing material) used to protect the surface of wounds, protect affected areas after surgery, and fix catheters. There are film-type and pad-type specifications.
We are pursuing the convenience of operation such as using a carrier film for a 10-μm thick polyurethane film tape.
We design materials, adhesives, and shapes based on our customers’ requirements..
It is provided as a sterilized medical device by ethylene oxide gas sterilization.

Injection bond/hemostatic bond
This product is used to protect the puncture wound after injection or blood collection and for hemostasis, and it is supplied as a presterilized medical device that is sterilized using ethylene oxide gas.

Individually packaged skin disinfectants
The one-time-use pack disinfectant for disinfecting the skin and preventing infection is convenient to carry and suitable for home medical care. 
There is a cotton swab type in which the drug and the cotton swab are separated, and a divided type in which the drug is impregnated into the nonwoven fabric.
We develop products that use chemicals such as ethanol, povidone iodine, and chlorhexidine gluconate.
We also support aseptic medicine through electron beam sterilization.

<Household goods>
First aid adhesive plaster
In pursuit of functionality, we are improving conventional products and developing new products.
This product uses a 10-μm thick polyurethane film for medical dressing and uses an ultrathin film tape to protect against scratches and cracks on the skin. 
We have developed a first-aid adhesive plaster called “Flex Care”.
These are available not just in standard sizes but also in larger sizes and in rolls.
We manufacture and sell hydrocolloid adhesive plasters for controlled medical devices (Class 2).
We manufacture and sell quasi-medicated first-aid bandages that have a pad that contains the drug acrinol.
We support the production of character adhesive plasters and novelty adhesive plasters.
We support sterilized medical equipment by ethylene oxide gas sterilization.

Skincare and haircare products
We are developing products for everyday use, focusing on raw materials and pursuing effects and usability.
We are developing the “Rimayu” series that uses horse oil obtained from the meat of food-grade horses, which is a specialty of Kumamoto.
We are developing the “Rimayu Placera” series that specializes in aging care by combining horse-derived placenta and ceramide.
We are developing the “Sakusui” series of natural cosmetics using useful ingredients of Suizenji seaweed found in Kumamoto and natural water of Aso Kumamoto.

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