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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:45

Kyushu Division, Rika Denshi Co., Ltd.

Experience allows the evolution of technologies.

[Highly precise processing technology of Rika Denshi for the forefront of electronics]
Further minimization, higher speed. High performance required of semiconductors is also required of semiconductor inspection systems dealt in by us. No matter how semiconductor specifications change depending on the times, we, Rika Denshi, meet clients' requirements by applying highly sophisticated processing technology as well as broad response capabilities and propose consistent solutions including probes, test heads, and fixtures.

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[Probes] which embody each of various needs
The types of probes which Rika Denshi can provide are widely diversified. This is the proof that we have been meeting each of the requirements for probes which have become sophisticated and segmentized year by year. The requirements include those for fine pitch probes, those for high-speed probes for responding to high-frequency waves, those for probes that are highly heat-resistant or compatible with large current, and transition to lead-free probes.
[IC sockets & test fixtures] for responding to various environments and purposes
As for the development of IC sockets and test fixtures, we select housing materials suitable for the applications or usage environments of clients, and propose total solutions that include resin parts design, processing, assembly, and shipping inspection.  
[Testing equipment] that allows for various types of high-level tests and enables strict quality control 
We have introduced testing equipment that allows for advanced reliability or environmental tests. The equipment includes SEM (scanning electron microscopes), EPMA (electron probe microanalyzers), and X-ray inspection devices. Furthermore, on a company-wide basis, we carry out CS (customer satisfaction) activities, which are based on our action guideline, "putting customers first", to implement thorough quality control.     

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