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Akiyoshi K. K.

We provide high-quality tatami that is carefully made by our skillful craftsmen. 

In Kumamoto Prefecture where the production volume of natural rush is highest in Japan, Akiyoshi K. K. has been producing tatami for more than 100 years. 
Tatami is a flooring material unique to Japan. It has developed in tune with the Japanese climate, and is closely involved in the Japanese lifestyle and culture. 
On tatami, you can stay by yourself and relax. 
On tatami, you, your family members, and your friends can gather and eat food together.
On tatami, you can take a nap, together with your child.
A space containing tatami gives "relaxation" and "decoration" to our lives. Please try high-quality tatami made by craftsmen with reliable techniques.

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Sales Pitch

[Mobility to cover the entire Kyushu area]
We have business with various general contractors and housebuilders. 
We install tatami in a lot of apartments and detached houses all over the Kyushu area.
[Producing and selling laid tatami, flooring tatami, and so on]
We propose new tatami which harmonizes with modern life. An example is laid tatami which can easily create a space of tatami once it is laid on the floor of a Western-style room.
[Tatami installation, work related to tatami, and the repairing of shoji (sliding paper doors), fusuma (framed and papered sliding doors), as well as window screens] 
Please contact us for everything related to tatami such as the new installation, refacing, and flipping over of tatami. Since we have a wide range of product lineups including reasonably priced tatami, high-grade tatami, functional tatami, and laid tatami which can easily be laid on the floor, we are able to meet your requirements.  
Furthermore, we repair damaged shoji, window screens, and fusuma.
[Amount of tatami produced by sophisticated equipment in our production line] 
We can produce more than 300 tatami mats in a day. Therefore, we are able to swiftly respond to orders from facilities which require a lot of tatami mats, including Japanese- or Western-style hotels and halls. 

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