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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:42


Leading manufacturer of electric fences in Japan

Electric fences are a system for protecting crops that uses electric shocks to keep animals away. The pain caused by electric shock and the effect of “psychological fence” that makes animals learn and recognize that an electric fence is dangerous prevents habituation of animals and has a long-term effect.

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Ensuring high safety
Shock current is the pulse output; therefore, it is safe.
As it is a pulse output that instantaneously carries electricity at approximately 1-s intervals, it will be shocked like static electricity even if a person touches it. However, owing to the interval application of the pulse, you can release your hands, and it is safe.
Environmentally-friendly original design
The eco-friendly design is unique in a manner that it uses less power, and it is possible to use solar panels as the power source, which is environmentally friendly. Electric fence, which uses only electricity to operate, is an animal barrier system that is clean and friendly to the global environment.
Commitment to product development
As a manufacturer that specializes in electric fences, we have a consistent production system that utilizes our unique technical capabilities, backed by the know-how cultivated through on-site experience, to cover everything from planning and design to manufacturing and quality control. 

In addition to legal compliance, we aim to create products that are safe, friendly to people and nature, and use only in-house manufacturing without relying on imported products. We are making products that satisfy both quality and cost.
Theft protection
Customers that register their electric fence purchase receive theft coverage for up to one year.  (The customer is not responsible for the insurance premium) *Customers who have not registered their purchase will not be covered.

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