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We hand-make vehicles made to order one by one, as the "only one in the world." 

The largest market share in Japan for X-ray examination vehicle manufacturing. With our focus on the health and welfare of the community, we are a leading manufacturer of special, medical-related vehicles such as ambulances and vehicles used for cancer screening.
We will do everything we can to help our customers turn their dream vehicles into reality.

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Specially-equipped vehicle that is the only one of its kind in the world, from passenger car size to trailer
Comprehensive cancer examination vehicle
This is the first comprehensive digital cancer screening vehicle in Japan, and it can simultaneously screen for gastric, lung, and breast cancers. 
Gastric examination vehicle (2 x DR units on-board)
The X-ray equipment has also been rapidly digitized in recent years.
We have a large number of the installation records for DR devices from various manufacturers, and we use our abundant experience and expertise to play a part in the creation of vehicles that ensure customer satisfaction.
Chest examination vehicle
This is a vehicle that offers digital chest examinations for people with disabilities. 
Using a lift to allow access for people with disabilities not only reduces the burden on caregivers, but also allows patients to use the vehicle rest assured. 
Once the patient is on board, they can choose to have their scan done while lying on a stretcher or while sitting in their wheelchair. 
Gastro-thoracic examination vehicle
With the introduction of DR, there are several accessories such as monitors, PCs, and UPSs around the operators’ console and near the care equipment that there are many cases where this makes configuration and installation difficult. 
With our rich experience, we promise to provide you with as much information as possible to satisfy you.
Helical CT examination vehicle
Our CT examination vehicle that is receiving considerable attention in the present day when more accurate examination is required. In addition to being used in the early detection of lung cancer, it can also be used in screening for metabolic syndrome. 
Patrolling doctor car
Our traveling doctor vehicle can provide X-ray photography of stomachs, chests, and bone density and can be connected to vehicles providing other services, such as electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, sight testing, hearing exams, blood sampling, and other medical examinations without the need to remove equipment from the vehicle.
Special medical ambulance
On the basis of a “wide vehicle” in which the interior space is greatly expanded by extending one side of the body, a treatment table, surgical light, and medical equipment have been mounted.  We also have all the communication equipment that is required for rapid information exchange at paramedical sites. 
Breast examination vehicle (mammography)
The car can be used in mammography examinations, which have been popularized by the “pink ribbon” campaign. Not only in production results of a variety of configurations, including single-device, double-device, CR method and digital type, but it can also be used together with echo and uterine cancer screening, 
Women’s health examination vehicle
Gynecological examinations require greater protection of the patient’s privacy than is needed for other types of examination. We make a vehicle that allows the examinee to feel free to undergo their examination.
Cardiovascular system examination vehicle
It is a hard job to bring cots and partitions to the screening venue for each screening and to remove them once the task has been performed If we perform electrocardiography in a vehicle, the examinations can begin as soon as the vehicle arrives at the testing site. Please be assured that the vehicle will be adequately shielded and tested to solve the noise problem when the examination is performed.
Ultrasound examination vehicle
Various types of simultaneous testing are also possible from one-bed to multiple-bed setups, and the tests can be combined with other types of screening.  It is easy to attach and detach the important echo device as well as the perfect protection of the device from vibration during transportation.
Blood collection vehicle
We have a bus-based vehicle with four beds for collecting blood donations.
A tent on the left side of the vehicle allows donors to give blood without getting wet even on rainy days.
Dental examination vehicle
Using a truck as a base, it is possible to mount two examination tables and to examine more people. A wheelchair lift is also equipped. 
Doctors’ car
Unlike larger manufacturers, we listen to our customers’ requests and make original, bespoke doctors’ cars. 
We base our designs and manufacturing on consultations about vehicle type and layout. In addition to various types of stretchers such as anti-vibration-types and folding-leg types, we also offer an ambulance with a lift.

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