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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:43

Banjaku Royal Jelly Corporation.

Based on the vitality of nature,
“Banjaku” will help you improve your beauty, health, and longevity
by providing appropriate food and health supplements.

Our founder, Banjaku Morikawa, ran a beekeeping business, always thinking of people’s health, with “living for people” as his motto. In the course of beekeeping, he focused on the extraordinary vitality of the queen bee. He started his research on royal jelly, the source of this energy, to help people and created a brand new form of royal jelly.
As a pioneer of royal jelly makers, Banjaku has inherited the vision of the founder and keeps to the principle of enhancing everyone’s health through products that today's people need, with the principle of coexistence and co-prosperity with nature.


Sales Pitch

"Royal Jelly", "Vegetable Supplements" and "Kumamoto-produced honey" are provided through consistent production
“Neo-Royal Jelly”
We established our advanced concentration technique for royal jelly in 1957. This technique enables royal jelly, which is susceptible to “heat, light, and acidity,” to be stored for a long time with its components remains active to the maximum.  The following year, we successfully productized sugar-coated tablets that can be absorbed in the intestine.  It is a reliable and proven royal jelly product that has been well-received for more than half a century.
“Complete Marvelous Green”
This supplement is made from agricultural-chemical-free organic vegetables cultivated at our own farm in Shisui Town in northern Kumamoto Prefecture. It is made from a blend of 30 types of vegetables to help people meet their goal of ingesting more than 30 types of foods per day. We also use the leaf parts of vegetables such as carrots and radishes, which would normally not make it to the table, based on macrobiotic theory and from the viewpoint of whole meal. We blended “leaf” of persimmon and “corn silk.” It also contains blended bamboo charcoal and shiitake mushrooms that we grow in-house to complete your everyday dietary needs.
“Honey from Kumamoto Prefecture”
All honey collected at the apiary in Kumamoto is bottled and delivered. About 7% of domestically produced honey is currently in circulation in Japan. Very little of the honey on the market is sold unheated. Additionally, normal honey usually has a sugar content of 76% or higher, but we cure our honey to control the sugar content and only sell honey that is 78% sugar or more.  We hope you can enjoy the different tastes and aromas of our honey such as "Mikan", "Renge", "100 flowers," and "Hazer".

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