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Large parts machined by "skillful craftsmen in the Kansai Region"

We are a metalworking manufacturer which produces various types of parts including those for construction purposes and power-generating turbines. We perform all processes of turning, five-face machining, and boring in-house and in an integrated fashion. We invent special jigs or cutting tools for hard-to-process areas. In order to meet requirements of clients, we get the maximum out of our processing equipment.

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Processing technologies
NC turning process
We use a machine tool in which a circular or cylindrical metal material is rotated and cut by a roughing tool. Programmed orders allow for precise processing of the inside and outside diameters and achieve spherical surface processing as well as taper machining.
This is a processing method in which programmed orders achieve precise inside diameters, positions, and straightness. An object to be processed is fixed, an edged tool is installed on the spindle, and then the spindle is rotated. Boring achieves milling, end milling, drilling, tapping, and contouring. 
Five-face machining  
A gate-shaped part to which a tool shaft is installed moves, which allows one tool set to process a total of five faces (top. front, back, right side, and left side) of a material set on the processing bed. This machining method is suitable for producing large-sized parts.  
We are able to machine materials the weight of which is up to approx. 18 t.
We are able to process cast-metal objects. 
Turning process of objects with diameters from Φ700 to Φ4500 (up to Φ5000 for crude processing)
We are able to perform a turning or boring process of a partially broken object in-house in an integrated fashion.
We have processed a great deal of turbine cylinders and turbine internal parts.
We are able to execute round processing of the interiors of parts such as valves.

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