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Developing business mainly on production of improving quality equipment such as tap water, industrial water and groundwater

We HRD have developed a unique magnetic treatment system that adds value to tap-water and sewage processing. We are certified by the Japan Water Works Association to conduct water quality test over one hundred and seventy million families, as well as restaurants, farms, hotels and related businesses have been enjoying our products (“DIPOLE”“BIGPOLE”) for over 25 years since sales release.


Other presentation

[company strength]
We hold intellectual property for the technology. And we continue research and development activity for further improvement of our products. The distinctive feature of our product is that can be used for virtually every and water-use-related applications from house water to industrial, agriculture, groundwater, and sewage management, without need by electricity nor gas at all.

We hold intellectual property magnetic treatment system that manufactures BIGPOLE. BIGPOLE is a High-density magnetic bundling system. BIGPOLE making magnetic treatment water has the effect of preventing rusting of piping, preventing red water, improving drainage scale, suppressing the generation of algae and the like. We have research and development of water treatment on "keep a healthy water environment, restoring the water environment".

Equipment for environmental protection Product and pollution control equipment

[Message from president]
Aiming for the full use of the power of the light, the air, and the water in people’s everyday life, we utilize high magnetic water treatment to activate water, employing all our know-how and experience. We will proactively continue our research to further contribute to the health society. 

[company structure]
Making use of our past experience of cooperation with the medical care facilities, food and beverage companies, agriculture, forestry and fishery, and services industries, for several recent years we have been closely with a number of research institutions and companies, performing collaborative and contract researches, which we believe will result in further expansion of our products use.

-Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Water Works Association Accredited own reviewed factory Z-381
-Japan Association for the United Nations Environment Programme 

[Intellectual property info]
-Japanese Patent No.3469541 “Water activation process and Equipment”
-Japanese Patent No.4583400 “Water activation Equipment and Production Technique”

-Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2017-129904 “Magnetic Intensifying Tool and Water Activation System”
-Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2017-31728 “Livestock Rearing Method and Livestock Breeding Unit”
-Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2016-216742 “Water activation Equipment and Production Technique”

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