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We support Smart Factory Solution

Skydisc will develop AI software to improve productivity on the factory floor.
  1. Consulting:Set the purpose and goal, Review work flow
  2. AI System proposal :Data modeling design, System design
  3. Data handling : Data collection, Data cleansing
  4. AI analysis : AI analysis, AI deployment


Sales Pitch

Artificial intelligence solutions for the promotion of smart factories
Technologies and overview
Using Skydisc's AI technology, we settle various issues that you face in operational sites in your factories, such as equipment maintenance, technology transfer to the next generation, and cuts in utilities and personnel expenses, as well as production losses. With a strong track record and experience in promoting AI development projects with large automotive and chemical manufacturers, we are able to propose solutions beyond data implementation, in view of what kind of data can be acquired and analyzed to produce a certain kind of value.
These services are for those who have the following issues:

- Detecting signs of breakdowns and identifying the specific causes of breakdowns that people do not notice
- Converting the knowledge of skilled engineers and the decision-making process into a collection of data and identifying the causes of these breakdowns based on huge quantities of data.

Our products not only replace people for some tasks but also can do things that humans have never been able to do. They predict breakdowns in the manufacturing line where its stoppage would cause losses of hundreds of millions of yen.

We cover all regions as part of our business, ranging from manufacturing products in factories to adding value to existing products. We also develop AI-equipped products jointly with other companies.
Analysis packages for manufacturing processes
In this analytic service, we examine huge amounts of data, discover the cause of defectives, suggest quality improvements, and help improve the manufacturing process.
This service is for those who:

- instinctively recognize the causes of issues that have occurred, but are unable to reliably determine them
- find quality defectives at certain frequency levels and want to identify the causes of specific quality defects
- know that data is available in advance but, because of a lack of personnel to analyze them, find that they are unable to utilize the data.
- have analyzed the data within their companies, but do not have any useful findings.

Addressing issues that form a bottleneck in the manufacturing process, we can clarify the issues that occur when: (1) which part, (2) of which item of equipment or machinery or in which manufacturing line, (3) is in what state. Identifying what makes such defectives occur and what improvements should be conducted to increase productivity makes it easy to take specific measures, allowing them to efficiently improving the manufacturing process. 
Resolving manufacturing issues with artificial intelligence
SkyAI technology and an overview to it
SkyAI is a service that provides normal/abnormal status and other judgment status from data collected. It is used to maintain equipment, inspect products, check yield status, and other purposes, thereby increasing production efficiency, improving quality, assists in transferring technology to new personnel, and improving business in various other ways.

We use our original data shaping/analysis module (pretreatment module library) and AI learning model library. By selecting options that meet your issues or requirements from the libraries, we can provide you with highly precise judgment results.
Advantages of SkyAI 
SkyAI helps you with difficult work allowing you to achieve higher productivity. Applying SkyAI to tasks of which a person or machine is in charge will enable you to achieve higher productivity, smaller numbers of processes, and other results.

- Advantages of SkyAI

Development and prototyping
- Reducing project duration and the numbers of processes to reduce personnel
- Shortening developmental cycles to increase corporate competitiveness

Production and manufacturing
- Digitizing skilled workers' expertise, experience, and intuition
- Suggesting new quality improvements

Equipment maintenance
- Predicting security status to switch from time-based maintenance (TBM) to condition-based maintenance (CBM)
- Increasing precision in anomaly detection

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We conduct integrated development, from devices to services. We covers all type of analysis to solve clients problems and can develop AI under small data set in hand. 

[Business description]
We have many AI applications in plants that are using by Tier 1 car parts manufacturers and One of the top 5 chemical firms in Japan.

Factory AI

[Representative's message]
Our Company is working to improve quality, improve work efficiency, and reduce costs by providing AI services to manufacturing customers. As Japan is an advanced country with a declining birthrate and an aging population, the problem of manpower shortages and business succession is becoming more serious. We will first solve the problems faced by major manufacturers and then provide the know-how that we have cultivated in this area to manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will repeatedly conduct demonstration experiments, and will accumulate examples of IoT and AI businesses which are still scarce in Japan. We will restructure our organization, giving importance to marketing. This will enable us to achieve horizontal development. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Fukuoka Yamaguchi Venture Awards, Excellence Award (2017); The First Prize at All Japan Venture Companies Meet Up in 2017 

Nikkei Computer, “LPWA Tei -Denryoku Koiki ga Hirogeru IoT Dai 2 Maku” (February 16, 2017); Weekly Toyo Keizai, “Venture Futto! Nihon o Kaeru 100 Sha” (February 18, 2017); Nikkei Shimbun Kyushu edition, “Fukuoka o IoT no Machi ni” (Feruary 25, 2017); etc.

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