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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:39

G-Smart Co., Ltd.

We provide sales, planning development, and operation services of a site report app.

We have developed the “Smart Attack®” application with the basic concept of “More tasks in the same time! The same task in a shorter time!”. The “Smart Attack®” application aims to improve the productivity of the site (front) and promote strong on-site activities. “Smart Attack®” can be used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, insurance, real estate and maintenance checkup security services. In addition, we also provide development, construction, and system integration of computer systems, and consulting on improvement in on-site tasks.


Sales Pitch

Smart Attack, a cloud service that increases shop-floor efficiency
Smart Attack is a Cloud service that increases shop-floor efficiency (available on the premises).
Construction, manufacturing, transport, insurance, real estate, equipment, maintenance and servicing, security, and other store front work is available in all your business segments.
Damages insurance: All insurance companies have introduced Smart Attack for earthquake insurance assessment. For building maintenance, Smart Attack has been introduced in large facilities companies. For security, Smart Attack has been introduced in security reporting. For distribution, Smart Attack has been introduced in large distribution agencies in the field of area manager reporting. Thus, this is Japan's number one application and has been introduced by many companies.
The basics of corporate activities are the ability to monitor shop-floor status as quickly as possible and respond speedily.
Smart Attack notifies headquarters what is happening on the shop floor and carries out the instructions of corporate top management and headquarters on the shop floor on a real-time basis.
To increase shop-floor productivity and reinforce the shop floor (that is, the store front) is the driving force for our corporate activities.
"More work in the same amount of time. The same kind of work more quickly." This is the concept of Smart Attack, our solution service.
G-Smart was established to revolutionize shop-floor work.
The tool for doing this is "Smart Attack".
This application connects the shop floor with the headquarters via Android or iOS Smartphones. 
It has been highly praised by users, who claim that "Smart Attack has eliminated work omissions, shortened our work time, greatly reduced overtime work, and increased work quality and efficiency."
As long as you have a smartphone, you can introduce the application today and on the spot. What is more, you do not have to spend any money as your initial cost. The system is very cheap.

Smart Attack has so far been introduced mainly to businesses in Japan. But it has been deployed in businesses in eight other countries, including the USA.

As they have implemented it, we have realized how Smart Attack is actually an application that meets the needs of many people in places other than in Japan as well.

Emerging economies, in particular, have a lack of established infrastructure We often hear, therefore, of innumerable concerns, such as whether the workers are working properly at remote worksites, what their workmanship is like, and whether reports are made in an exhaustive way.
Smart Attack, on the other hand, removes all such concerns as long as you have a smartphone, even if your infrastructure is undeveloped.
Moreover, it works on Android, which is on the mainstream in emerging economies in a stress-free way.
Smart Attack is now available in English, Chinese, and Japanese. We are planning to localize it in many other languages.
While at the headquarters, you can monitor the current work situation at worksites on the shop floor on a real-time basis and send your instructions there.
We hope that international and Japanese businesses with a presence in such countries will try out our service.
G-Smart is an up-and-coming company established in April 2012.
Our leading product is a field reporting application: Smart Attack. 
Smart Attack is a native application compatible with Android and iOS developed based on the concept of providing store front work solutions on Smartphones and tablets.
It is a standard service for the shop-floor reporting business in Japan applicable in all business segments of the store front business, such as equipment inspection, construction, manufacture, transport, insurance, real estate, cleaning, security, and other services.
Our aim is to revolutionize your store front business, making it even more efficient. Most of all, we want to provide satisfaction and gain your confidence.
This service has been employed not only by large businesses but also numerous other companies in all business segments and is now a stable service after eight years of experience upgrading its functionality and quality.
Smart Attack has been cultivated according to Japanese corporate standards, which have strict quality and security standards. We now want to make it a standard application overseas as well.
We want to do our utmost and in good faith to win your satisfaction and confidence in other countries as well.
We look forward to calls from businesses with an overseas presence and candidates for overseas service distributorship.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have developed our main business of “Smart Attack” in order to improve the productivity of sites (front) and thus promote strong on-site activities. Quickly grasping on-site situations and rapidly corresponding thereto are the origin point and the foundation for corporate activities. What is happening on-site is explained to a leader, and the orders of the leader are rapidly implemented on-site. The basic concept is “More tasks in the same time! The same task in a shorter time!”. We strongly promote on-site tasks using iPhones and androids.

[Business description]
We offer sales, planning development and operation services of the site report app for corporations “Smart Attack” (company’s own product); management of cloud services and construction of the on-premise environment of “Smart Attack”; development and construction of computer systems; system integration; and consulting on improvement in on-site tasks.

Information service

[Representative's message]
We are an independent smartphone application and software development company. We pride ourselves on "Smart Attack" because we have accumulated development know-how through our consistent efforts. "Smart Attack" is an excellent product that strengthens sites by corresponding to ios and android. In addition, it is very cost-competitive. When we participate in competitions, “Smart Attack” often wins. However, our efforts to allow customers to know about our product are not enough because our advertising budget is small. Therefore, we consider the “many opportunities” offered by J-GoodTech to be important. This will enable the name of our product to be widely known, and it will expand sales channels.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
At present, we have few channels to corporations. We will expand the customer base by utilizing the introduction system and attending matching fairs. We also believe that further growth depends on overseas business. “Smart Attack®” fully corresponds to English. We intend to promote overseas utilization of “Smart Attack®”. We will approach Japanese corporations that are developing overseas and developing overseas corporations.

[Awards and media coverage]
Smart Attack appearance record: public interest incorporated association Japan Telecom Users Association, “Telecom Forum”, (September 2014 issue); Hokenmainichi Shimbun, 10th page, (May 10, 2016); Hokenmainichi Shimbun, 11th page, (May 20, 2015); Zenkoku Chintai Jutaku Shimbun, (January 7, 2013); NIKKEI INFORMATION STRATEGY, (September 13, 2012), and others

ISO 27001: IS 577716

[Intellectual property]
Trademark: Smart Attack, Japanese trademark registration No. 5398517

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