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Hayakawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We are a manual rotary gas cock-dedicated manufacturer. 

We provide various products. These include cocks for a wide variety of gas cooking stoves, from LP gas and city gas cooking stoves to portable gas cassette cooking stoves, as well as gas piping parts. We have a noteworthy share in the field of manual rotary gas cocks for commercial kitchen heating equipment in the domestic Japanese market. We offer new product concept development, especially self-development and proposals for gas cocks adapted to flame failure safety function in order to enhance safety. We also offer the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of labor-saving automatic machines for assembly, final completion inspection, etc. We intend to expand the sale of labor-saving automatic production machines, especially automatic airtightness test systems, which we have developed for in-house use. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are dedicated to manufacturing auto ignition cocks for gas cooking stoves. Our products are employed by many commercial kitchen heating equipment manufacturers in Japan. 
We design and manufacture pressure-regulating cocks for portable gas cassette cooking stoves, and the parts of applied equipment which use cassette cylinder gas as fuel. We have a rich knowledge of cassette cylinder-applied equipment which plays a great role in disaster assistance commodities. 
We conduct integrated production of aluminum die-cast parts requiring airtightness, from casting (in our affiliated company) to machining, impregnation, and airtightness tests. 

[Business description]
We design and manufacture manual rotary gas socks for kitchen heating equipment. 
We design and manufacture cocks with pressure regulating function for portable gas cassette cooking stoves and the parts of cassette gas cylinder-applied equipment (stoves, engines, etc.) We also sell gas piping parts. 
We conduct aluminum die-casting, machining, and impregnation. This includes aluminum die-cast parts requiring air-tightness, such as hydraulic piping parts. 
We design, manufacture, and maintain labor-saving automatic production machines for machining, assembly, airtightness test, etc. 

Gas cock manufacturing 

[Representative's message]
We specialize in niche products, or gas cocks, and have acquired many customers. However, the domestic Japanese market for this product is expected to shrink in the future. We, therefore, intend to develop new products for the growing Asian market on the basis of this technology. We will make the most of J-GoodTech to create an opportunity for jointly developing disaster prevention equipment and applied equipment which use cassette gas cylinders as fuel. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have increased staff in the technology department, and they make every effort to enhance their skills to rapidly meet customer demands. Our sales staff is accompanied by our technical staff when attending customer meetings, so customer demands are sure to be reflected in the design. We actively invest in facilities, such as three-dimensional CAD. We, therefore, can propose automatic assembly and inspection systems for customers’ factories, in addition to the design of gas cocks. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Newspaper: Shizuoka Shimbun, article on the construction of our new factory (October 1, 2015) 

We hold ISO 9001 certification (quality management system) and Eco Action 21 certification. 
Our factory is registered as a specified factory to Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association, and our products have acquired type approval from the association. 

[Intellectual property]
We had Japanese patents and utility models, but presently do not have effective ones. 

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