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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:18:18

Keibi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We cater to demands for production of high precision pressing/sheet metal prototypes and low-volume production runs.

Ever since its inception, our company has specialized in making preproduction prototypes involving high precision pressing and sheet metals. We provide our services for producing prototypes of automobile-related components, gas appliance parts, etc. Our workshops are equipped with a number of ultra-high precision wire processing machines, 2D and 3D laser processing machines, and machining centers. Our competitive edge also includes our capability to provide quality products with a short delivery period. One way to ensure our quality assurance is accomplished by attaching measurement data obtained by a 3D measurement instrument, etc., to every product we deliver to our customer.


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[Company strength]
In the production of prototypes for automobile-related components, gas appliance parts, etc., our company encourages each one of our employees to go at their Monozukuri activity as a multiskilled worker (except for those in charge of NC machines). Each employee visits his/her customer, identifies their requirements, plans and farms out necessary dies, and processes a product, all on his/her own. Our Monozukuri craftsmanship is particularly in pursuit of precision. And this is where our ultra-high precision wire processing machines, 2D and 3D laser processing machines, and machining centers come into play. Our efforts are directed at offering viable processing proposals to customers, and providing products and services that meet customers’ requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.

[Business description]
Our company is dedicated to production of high-precision/sheet metal prototypes and low-volume production. We have remained a unique company ever since its inception. Our corporate policy clearly dictates, among other things, that we never turn down any work offered to us by a client, and that we as a specialized prototype maker never commit ourselves to a high-volume production run. The products we produced have always lived up to our customers’ expectations, and earned us a good reputation as a highly reliable manufacturer. Our forte is our capability to deliver quality products in a short delivery time. We attach measurement data measured by a 3-dimensional (3D) measuring instrument, etc., to all our products so as to provide absolute assurance of what we deliver.


[Representative's message]
Our company has voluntarily limited its scope of business to the production of “preproduction prototypes” of components used by other industrial producers, including major automotive parts manufacturers and gas appliance manufacturers. Our Monozukuri craftsmanship requires us to put ourselves in our customer’s position in terms of quality, cost, and delivery date. We are receptive to new ideas as well; so we are putting great effort into collaboration with companies outside our own industry for opportunities to expand our market.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
As clearly dictated by our corporate policy, we do not turn down any work offered to us by a client, and as a specialized prototype maker, we will not commit ourselves to a high-volume production run. We will treasure this corporate tradition forever.

[Awards and media coverage]
100 of Attractive Companies Selected by Youngsters in Gifu

ISO 9001 certification; ISO 14001 certification.

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Chubu Head Office, SMRJ

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