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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:17:56

Exseal Co., Ltd.

We develop products that take advantage of the function of urethane gels.

We conduct development and sales of products in the following four fields. (1) Industrial-use materials including impact absorption, anti-vibration, and slip-prevention sheets. (2) Products related to clean rooms such as adhesive mats that remove dirt from forklift tires, adhesive mats that remove dust from the shoe soles, and adhesive rollers that remove dust from clothes or gloves. (3) Medical-related products such as soft molding resins, simulated blood vessels, and organ models. (4) Forensic science (for criminal identification use, DNA collecting kit)-related products.


[Product description] The industry's first adhesive gel mat for forklifts, AGVs, and others has appeared! Removal of dirt and dust on tires with a soft gel only requires a heavy vehicle to pass over the gel mat! LIFT-MAT is an epoch-making product that can be installed without double-sided tape and can be repeatedly used after being washed. We recommend LIFT-MAT to companies having the following problems: Dirt from tires blackens the floor in plants; Reduction in costs for quality control and hygiene management measures is required; and Measures for acquisition of ISO and HACCP are necessary in-company. ↓↓↓ We have received many commendations from customer, such as the following: The floor in the plant has become surprisingly clean, and cleaning has also become easy; Cost reduction is realized because there is no need to regularly buy LIFT-MAT; and We were able to appeal our foreign matter mixing measures to a manufacturer making an inspection. Characteristics of the Product: The LIFT-MAT has a strength that can stand heavy vehicles such as forklifts and AGVs passing over it; Removal of 99% of the dirt attached to the tires only requires a heavy vehicle to pass over the LIFT-MAT; The only running costs are for water! The LIFT-MAT can be repeatedly used after being washed, and no dust is scattered because the LIFT-MAT does not need to be turned over; and The LIFT-MAT can be fixed to the floor through self-adhesion, and can be installed without double-sided tape!