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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:17:54

Blue Port Co., Ltd.

Our company has the largest market share in the field of automatic manual production software.

We are making efforts to promote adoption of our computer software/hardware products that we sell, import and export, as well as to foster people’s awareness of our competency in planning, developing and designing software systems. These promotional efforts are spearheaded by the success of iTutor that enjoys growing popularity among an increasing number of distributors, and are being accelerated through agency contracts with major companies including Fujitsu FOM and Softbank BB. We are currently working to attract wider recognition for our e-learning material production tools, and to provide new e-learning solutions (platforms, authoring tools, materials). 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are the most dominant player in the market of automatic manual production software. Our visibility in the market is increasing through agency contracts with major companies such as Fujitsu FOM and Softbank BB. We are striving to gain wider recognition for our e-learning material production tools, and to provide a new range of e-learning solutions (platforms, authoring tools, materials). The number of companies that have signed for licensing our company’s flagship product, iTutor, is about to exceed 1,000 within 5 years of its introduction. Interest in iTutor is still on the increase among distributors.

[Business description]
We market and import/export computer software and hardware products, and also plan, develop and design software systems. Our business has grown for the past 7 years since its establishment, enjoying significant success in the sale of our original product, “iTutor”, which is a manual production-assist software. In addition to iTutor, we provide an ever-increasing number of business solutions, such as data sharing services, comparison sites for old and new documents, and business application linkage Web systems. 

Service (software development, information processing)

[Representative's message]
Making a contribution to enhancing productivity of office work was a wish we had when we started our business in 2009. In 2016, we were more than happy to celebrate our 7th year together with many of business associates and customers. The sale of our flagship product, iTutor, has cleared the milestone of 1,000 licenses, and is still gaining momentum on the upside. We expect that the posting of our company at the J-GoodTech site will allow us to improve opportunities to expand our sales channels in overseas markets and boost our sales.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Introduction of our products at major companies is increasing at a good pace through contracts with major distributors. We are currently focusing our resources on consolidating our customer support structure as well as our operating activities with a view to expanding our sales channels, and cultivating markets both at home and abroad. Some of these efforts have already taken effect beginning with Taiwan, and we expect that more, similar territorial cultivation will follow in the near future.

[Awards and media coverage]
Our company was introduced by Keyman’s Net at

[Intellectual property]
Patent Application No. JP 2011-258090 (A): Image recorder, image recording method, and image recording program.

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