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Shirakawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We develop our business centering on the manufacture of water electrolyzers and dehumidification devices.

In 1957, we succeeded in developing Japan’s first commercially viable dehumidification device, which ever since has had the continued patronage of our customers. We are keen to meet our customers’ needs despite their different backgrounds with our full-scale capabilities from design through to manufacture, which allows us to provide dehumidification devices of optimum performance to the market. Our product lineup portrays a comprehensive spectrum of small models, medium-sized models, and large-sized models, and whatever is missing there can be made up for with special order models. We have accumulated technical competence so as to be able to propose a fully made-to-order dehumidification device of optimum performance that meets any customer requirements. Each of our customers has unique conditions that will naturally demand one-of-a-kind equipment to achieve optimal performance in their setting.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has produced quality products for over 70 years that live up to our reputation as the pioneer of dehumidification devices. Now we are in a position to take advantage of our accumulated technology and know-how to propose a product that is customized to each user’s requirements. We take pleasure in seeing our customers satisfied with a one-of-a-kind dehumidification device that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

[Business description]
Our business centers on the manufacturing of water electrolyzers and dehumidification devices. In 1943, we developed a device for dehumidifying hydrogen gas generated from an electrolysis tank. The dehumidification device we succeeded in putting into practical use in 1957 was the first of its kind in Japan. Ever since, our company, having the longest history in this field, has been enjoying the patronage of many customers. At every stage from design through to manufacture, we propose various subjects on which we hope to exchange views with our customers so as to be able to meet whatever needs they may have. This enables us to provided dehumidification devices of optimum performance. The products we manufacture and market range from small models and medium-size models to large-size models, and even special order models.


[Representative's message]
It has been over 60 years since we developed Japan’s first dehumidification device. The industrial world has come a long way, undergoing rapid technological innovation. The dehumidification devices on which we have made improvements and upgrades as pioneers pursuing the “quality of gas” are nowadays employed in all corners of industry, from the cutting-edge realm of semiconductors through to large-scale production facilities like fuel plants. Today, we are happy to have the opportunity to benefit from the J-GoodTech site, as this means of communication will connect us to the world market where we hope to widen our sales across a wide range of areas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Different customers have different parameters for us to take into account. We believe it is our mission to examine every one of the differing conditions and demands of our customers before we can propose an optimally customized dehumidification device. We also believe that providing very attentive and helpful after-sales service and maintenance is an important part of our product quality. We will not fail to offer satisfactory after-sales service. The same can be said of our customers in more than 40 countries worldwide, where we intend to expand our business in the future.

December 7, 2000: ISO 9001 certification

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