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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:16:20

IMT Co.,Ltd.

We are a precision polisher manufacturer for semiconductors and liquid crystals.

We are a precision polisher manufacturer for semiconductors and liquid crystals. We specialize in precision polishing of various materials including semiconductor wafers, composite semiconductors, glass, urethane, silicon, etc. and deliver wafer production machines to various countries around the world. We propose the optimal polishing techniques for each material based on our successful results and experience. We also produce sample polishing machines for quality control departments of companies and development departments of research institutes. Our products are available in various types, from desktop to fully automatic types. We intend to realize in-house manufacturing of polishing machine components to facilitate price reduction, customization, and quick maintenance response.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are a small manufacturing company that handles all processes required for the manufacture of production equipment, including mechanical and electrical design and assembly. We propose mainly precision polishing machinery and sample polishing machines based on our technical expertise in precision polishing. We develop and produce sample polishing machines for microscopic texture observation and supply them to research institutes and quality control departments. We provide comprehensive proposals including the type of machine, manual or automatic, and the type of polishing materials.

[Business description]
We are a precision machine manufacturer that specializes in precision polishing based on our techniques and expertise acquired in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industries, which are at the forefront of precision polishing. We excel at semiconductor wafer polishing, composite semiconductor polishing, precision polishing of glass, urethane, silicon, etc. in addition to precision polishing of metals, and thus can propose the optimal polishing techniques for all materials.

Precision machine manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We are committed to our vision of “advancing local industry and creating jobs for young people” and have been supplying semiconductor manufacturing devices to various countries around the world. There are few local companies capable of hiring engineers or fostering young people who are interested in manufacturing. As a result, skilled engineers and enthusiastic young workers are moving to other areas. We are determined to create jobs for these people and help revitalize the area by expanding our business and continuing to develop high-value-added products.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We entered the equipment market about 7 years ago to produce samples for microscopic observation and expendables. About 50% of the share of this market is held by overseas companies. We intend to strengthen our development and production system refined through years of equipment manufacturing. We will continue to develop and customize products that meet the precise needs of customers, a policy that is highly evaluated by customers and product users. We also intend to realize in-house manufacturing of polishing machine components, which are currently 100% outsourced, and improve our capability of customization through price reduction and speedy maintenance response.

[Awards and media coverage]
“Vibrant (Ganbaru) Small and Medium Enterprises” (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency), METI (2015); Wakayama Keizai Biz Search, TV Wakayama (aired on Nov. 26, 2016)

[Intellectual property]
Utility Model No. 3171625: Device to polish substrates for magnetic recording media
Patent No. 3964886: Panel cleaning equipment and method; and two other patents

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