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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:25

Miyaki Co., Ltd.

We solve various issues with our surface treatment techniques.

Our Kashima Coat next-generation alumite is a hard, lubricated version of aluminum. It allows you to do away with bearings and bushings, which cuts costs and makes equipment lightweight. Kashima Coat is used in suspensions, transmissions, valves, and other main parts.

Our automatic control systems make lines fully automatic. The traceability system (a system for monitoring information about distribution channels) is also perfect.

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We innovate industries with our globally recognized alumite technology.
We are changing Monozukuri craftsmanship with Kashima Coat.
Hybrid Kashima Coat combines hard alumite with lubrication. It can be incorporated directly into products, so bearings, bushings, or other bearing parts are not required.

Reducing the number of parts means that the cost and number of processes can now be reduced, which also helps products become lighter.

Our Kashima Coat technology is used in suspensions and aluminum tubes, engines, transmissions, and other main parts.
We can propose solutions as a specialized alumite manufacturer.
We can propose the most suitable solutions in response to your aluminum requirements precisely because we are a specialized alumite manufacturer.

Our techniques and know-how are employed by automotive manufacturers, and we make your ideas come true with two-wheeled vehicles, out-of-ship machines, industrial equipment, precision machinery, and various other fields.

[Products and services]
- Kashima Coat
Lightweight, high-precision Kashima Coat is a lubricated alumite adopted in large quantities by various major manufacturers.

- Vill 12
Crack-resistant! This new specially treated alumite designed for ADC 12 turns aluminum diecast articles into functional parts.

- Kuro Dize
Kuro Dize is a highly wear- and weather-resistant rigid alumite product, where the aluminum is protected with a robust film.

- WR Coat
This composite alumite is very electricity-resistant, and water-repellent, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, and insulating. It also withstands severe environments.

- MD Process
MD processing is a corrosion-resistant alumite designed for diecasting, with an extensive track record with marine pats.

*We also accept orders for normal alumite and hard alumite as well as special alumite.
Our reliable triple check system assures top quality.
There is a demand for micrometer-level precision accuracy for automotive parts and various other industrial parts.

Our company uses triple checks to deliver goods that satisfy our customers.

[Triple check process]
1. Production monitoring system with an automatic control line
2. Quality checks with the latest high-precision meters
3. 100% inspection by skilled inspectors

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