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Latest update: 09/03/2021 09:57:45

FSX, Inc.

We are determined to be the most advanced global company in the Oshibori industry.

Starting from Oshibori hand wipes and towel rental service, we have been developing services for other rental businesses, developing and manufacturing related products, developing hygiene-related technologies and information services, etc., aiming to be the most advanced global company in this field.

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Sales Pitch

Business Service Lineup
FSX Oshibori Rental Service Business
We develop and produce comfortable moistened towels in-house, and we also handle delivery service. We will provide a heartfelt value suitable for the age of reuse and recycling through the thoughtful response by the person in charge. (The delivery area covers Tokyo and parts of Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures)
Rental moist towels (for restaurants/offices/facilities)
Rental towel service (for beauty salons)
Other rentals (mats/mops/air fresheners/water purifiers)
FSX’s towel and moist towel quality
“Three commitments”
A commitment to the yarn cultivated in the development of moist towels
An integrated supply chain in-house from material procurement/production to delivery 
We use our proprietary patented technology, VB, which safely realizes antivirus and antibacterial treatment. (Patent No. 5314219)
Hygiene management and the latest equipment is particularly essential to manage moist towel business≫
FSX Product - Product development and manufacturing business
In addition to supplying moist towels with towel cloth, we also plan, propose, develop, produce, and manufacture our original towels and peripheral items made from original materials.
FSX develops and manufactures an abundant product group centering on moist towels while imagining various usage scenes of customers. In addition, we will accept collaborations such as new product development and customer’s original product planning and manufacturing, using the expertise cultivated over 50 years of moist towel business and the latest hygiene management technology.
Development example
The “REION” moist towel cooler/heater: this product has a unique function called “Air Circulation Technology®” that has never existed before, and the design is simple while capable of providing more than twice* as much cooling/humidification. We have also realized environmentally friendly power saving. The product can be easily adapted to any space and expands the possible application of moist towels. (* Compared our conventional products with REION L size)
FSX Partner - Partner Business
We provide moist towel and related products and services to a rental business company and services as well as backyard support.
FSX offers stable supply and reliable quality across our lineup of 100,000 products, as well as catalogs and flyers for sales promotion, direct delivery service to customers, sales data analysis, IT support services and other backyard services to our partner companies. We also sublicense our patented anti-virus/antimicrobial technology, VB, which was developed in-house by FSX. Using VB in the cleaning process of rental moist towels, makes it possible to provide a safer and more dependable moist towel service to customers. We will continue to support our peers and revitalize local areas through this network.
FSX Science’s Science Business
We apply the hygiene technology gained from moist towels to hand hygiene and beauty and provide R&D and expertise to stably provide safe and secure products. 
We are conducting research and development of high value-added products by applying the antivirus and antibacterial patented technology VB developed by FSX. In addition, we will work on various microbiological tests and antibacterial effects in-house while coordinating with specialized organizations to build traceability for safety and establish hygiene control and quality assurance systems for moist towels. Furthermore, we will provide the expertise and licenses to stably provide safe and secure products.
“VB” (Patent No. 5314219): A patented technology that safely realizes antivirus and antibacterial effects that was created through joint research between FSX and a joint venture of Tokyo Institute of Technology and Keio University. By impregnating VB aqueous solution into hand towel, VB suppresses the activity of viruses and bacteria by more than 99.99%. This greatly enhances the hygiene power of hand towels, and prevents viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases from entering the body. (* 99.99% is the result of our testing on the influenza virus and cereus bacterium and does not guarantee protection against all viruses and bacteria.)
FSX Data & Communication - Data & communication business
We provide in-house system development, system infrastructure maintenance, and technical support to our staff. We provide information services, including business application development for external partner companies. 
We make use of the development and operation experience that we have accumulated in our internal operations to provide services such as information provision and introduction support to our partners. We are also working on workstyle reforms to cope with the labor shortage, which is an urgent issue in the industry, and we are preparing a mobile environment to expand the range of human resources utilization. Furthermore, we are always pursuing the possibility of utilizing new technologies to maximize time efficiency.

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