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Contributing the world's logistics and production with ideas, technology, and support

Our company has introduced logistics systems in various industries. Our strength lies in the ability to provide suitable proposals and operational support meticulously for the product, industry, and work method, based on our experience. We support global logistics with three pillars, — digital picking system, Smart Card, and Smart AI.

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Bringing the world closer with logistics
Picking system
• Digital picking system
Digital picking refers to a picking support system that uses a display. Workers at factories and distribution centers go to places where the indicator lamps light up and take out the indicated number of products. Such picking according to the instructions from the indicator lamp, achieves accurate and speedy picking operations.

• Projection picking system
It is a picking system that can be built flexibly, accommodating varying shaped shelves and racks through the use of image processing technology. It also has a fail-safe function to support picking work at factory assembly lines and distribution centers. You can install this system in places where the indicator could not be mounted.

•Main features
-Can be installed on any shelf
-Equipped with fail-safe function (suspends until the work is performed correctly)
-No electrical work required (simple configuration makes it easy to install and make changes)
-Gives various picking instructions, for example, by product name, quantity, product image, video, and audio
-Interoperable with various logistics-related equipment such as conveyors
Visible RFID: Smart Card
This is an electronic paper card that can be used as an ID card. The contents, including those in the barcode, can also be rewritten using near field communication (NFC). You can rewrite it with a smartphone.

This "visible RFID" uses electronic paper to reduce the environmental impact of paper label consumption and disposal and reduce power consumption further. Other than when rewriting, it maintains the display without consuming any power. Since most handy terminals read the barcodes for the display, you can incorporate it into the existing system easily.

• What you can do with Smart Card
1. Digitizing manufacturing instructions enables paperless work history management in real-time
2. Use at the cash register of restaurants makes it unnecessary for the wait in line for payment
3. Use in the intra-hospital distribution system for medical equipment and medicine helps protect personal information
4. Use as a medical checkup card that will guide the user smoothly
5. Use with facility management (cleaning management) system allows visualization of work history
6. Use as a stamp rally mount allows the user to enjoy moving through the facility with IT technology
Facility/equipment operation management system (Smart AI)
Smart AI is a system that connects to various electromagnetic, temperature, humidity, illuminance, or infrared sensors, etc., to monitor and control lighting (on/off), doors (opening/closing), and air conditioning centrally, using a PC or mobile terminal. Maintenance is easy because it connects with a reduced wiring network. You can introduce facility management and security control functions at low cost without spending a massive amount of money that is generally required as capital investments for such features.

• What you can do with Smart AI
1. Allows batch control with a PC, smartphone, and tablet
2. Connection with reduced wiring network makes it easy to maintain
3. Visualize energy and save energy
4. Enhance security and reduce costs through batch control of the security system

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