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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:31


Supporting monozukuri craftsmanship with monozukuri craftsmanship

From materials, machine processing, and heat treatment to inspection
Delivered appropriately according to the received drawings 
to ensure quality.
Cost reduction due to our one-stop service provision
Please come to us with your issues in monozukuri craftsmanship
and we will find solutions.


Sales Pitch

Three pillars
We select the most appropriate materials
for forged steel products, rolled round steel, and rolled sheet steel.

For our forged steel products, we not only provide free forging, roll forging, up-setter, and molding, from a few kilograms to 10 tons, but we also select optimal methods based on the expertise that we have cultivated over many years
For rolled round steel, we have inventory of up to 400φ, 
mainly in SCM and SC materials.

For rolled sheet steel, we have inventory of up to 200 thick, mainly SCM440 and S45C materials, and can quickly deliver using our in-house furnaces and fusion cutting.
Machine processing
We have six large lathes and large five-face machining centers in full operation.
The large lathes can process workpieces of up to 1,800 mm in diameter 
and 6,000 mm in length.
We are particularly adept at eccentric shafts, such as cranks, 
and have earned much customer satisfaction.
Quality assurance
Based on our quality policy of [careful crafting of good products], which complies with the requirements of ISO9001, we provide our customers with safe and reliable products through various inspections and with consideration of each process from the customer’s perspective.
For nondestructive tests, we have employees qualified in 
Level-2 magnaflux inspection and Level-2 ultrasonographic examinations.

We implement quality assurance not only by 
using micrometers in measurement tests but also 
with fully operated laser trackers.