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We can handle a wide variety of production styles, including aluminum precision parts, prototypes, and mass-production.

Two bases, Shin-Shirakawa 1st Factory and Shin-Shirakawa 2nd Factory. There are 57 processing facilities of various types, and they operate 24 hours a day, flexibly supporting from trial production to mass production of precision parts such as aluminum, mainly in the medical, communication, semiconductor, aerospace industries. In the future, CAD / CAM will be strengthened in order to further speed up the launch of prototypes. We are improving our unique technological capabilities in order to differentiate ourselves from competitors not only in Japan but also overseas.

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Sales Pitch

Machining of complex shapes, mainly aluminum
Supports a wealth of equipment such as 5-axis machines, machining centers, and compound lathes
We will provide a stable supply of high quality products for mechanical components such as chassis. By consolidating processes into a single machine, it is possible to eliminate the waiting time for machines and the waiting time for personnel when dividing processes. There are no mistakes in the work place installation, and it is possible to maintain high quality with quick delivery.
24 hours operation
Since the factory operates 24 hours a day, it is possible to deal with short delivery times. Since it can be started up during the day and mass-produced products can be processed at night, it is possible to provide consistent support from prototype to mass production. You can save the trouble of selecting a manufacturer for prototype and mass production. Also, since we own more than one of the same machine, it is possible to build a processing line for insertion even when the production is suddenly increased. We are able to deal with various variables.
Reliable quality assurance
Each factory and quality assurance department owns a three-dimensional measuring instrument and measures complex shapes. We have established an in-house quality manual, such as measurement with calibrated gauges, to build a reliable quality assurance system.


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Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has built a system that can respond to customer needs in various situations, such as short-term delivery projects for which the needs of development departments are increasing and requests such as "I just want to see the shape" and "I want to make a prototype immediately". Doing. In addition, mass production is possible without any problems. We make full use of a wide variety of processing equipment and transfer to mass production with the optimal machine without degrading quality. It also has 3 kitchens with 3D measuring equipment, which enables stable supply of high quality products.

[Business description]
Our company has a wide variety of 57 processing facilities and a production system that operates 24 hours a day, and mainly in the medical equipment, communication equipment, pneumatics, semiconductors, and defense and aerospace industries, mainly aluminum and precision non-ferrous metal. We are able to flexibly deal with various types of projects from trial production to mass production of parts.


[Representative's message]
The current market condition is very severe, what with the many competitors in and out of Japan. There is also the price competition with foreign companies who have recently improved their quality and no longer produce cheap, low quality products. We are improving our own technical capability to differentiate ourselves from competing overseas manufacturers. We are looking forward to successfully provide information on our technical capability to as many people as possible with the help of the J-GoodTech network.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We intend to focus on finding new sales channels in the robot industry which is expected to receive greater demand in the coming years. We are working on improving our CAD/CAM operation to start-up prototype production for entry to new industrial fields. We have also renewed our website to ensure smooth contact and transaction with foreign companies.

[Awards and media coverage]
 SME Forum (creation of jobs, employment, human resources development - development of our own products using subsidy) [July 2010]
 Michinoku Sangyo Kiko, the Daily Industrial News, (Manufacturing Companies in Tohoku - Differentiation by Machining Complicated Shapes) [January 2011]
 Zaikai Fukushima (Exploring Tomorrow - Work Hard for International Competition with Equipment Capability and Technical Capability) [May 2012]

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