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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:09:16

Arusu Co., Ltd.

We manufacture and distribute high-performance wooden sashes with no condensation. 

Our company manufactures and sells Yumemado high-performance, non-condensation wooden sashes that make use of double- and triple-glazing as well as spacers for heat insulation. These products are entirely customized to individual specifications including dimensions, and finished manually to ensure high quality standards. They are made of natural wood, which is a renewable resource, and attract attention in terms of both the environment and energy conservation. We are currently trying to standardize wooden sashes to prepare for mass production. We intend to lower the cost to reduce the price difference from resin sashes in order to further promote wooden sashes. 


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our Yumemado wooden sashes are high-performance, non-condensation windows that feature double- and triple-glazing as well as spacers for heat insulation based on their standard specifications. The EcoSlide and Drehkipp 90 products from this series excel in airtightness and thermal insulation. EcoSlide is a single-sided sliding door in which the sliding side becomes tightly attached with an airtight seal while closing. It is suitable for south-facing windows as it is designed to get more sunlight through the wide glass area. Drehkipp 90 is a double-function window that can be opened or tilted inward. It is a high-performance window that features a 16-millimeter hollow layer and triple gasket, which makes it particularly suitable for small north-facing windows. 

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells Yumemado wooden sashes, which satisfy international window standards. There are only a few wooden window sash manufacturers and distributors in Japan. We cut lumber with German-made machines, finish our products manually with natural coating, and conduct inspection and shipping in-house. All our products are fully customized to individual needs, including the dimensions. Installation services are also available upon request. Wooden sashes involve a very small amount of CO2 emission during the manufacturing phase compared with aluminum sashes, and we use renewable wood for production. Demand is increasing even further so as to comply with mandatory energy-saving standards by 2020. 

Wooden sash manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Very few Japanese companies manufacture full-fledged wooden sashes at the global level. Window heat insulation performance has been receiving more attention since Japan’s energy-saving standards were revised in October 2015, as they are known to be a weak spot in any building. Demand for wooden sashes is increasing as wood is a natural material as well as a renewable resource that excels in heat insulation performance. We are a small company, but we are allowed to participate in large-scale projects, and we take on major challenges as a team. We are looking for designers and building contractors who can support our initiatives in promoting wooden sashes. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are preparing a system for mass production, standardization, and batch orders (for a whole building) of wooden sashes. An ordinary two-story house usually has around 20 windows. We can reduce the total cost by standardizing the windows, and stocking them as standard fittings. Densely populated areas require certified fire-preventive windows. We can include such products in standard offerings to lower the cost even further, thus minimizing the price difference from aluminum sashes and resin sashes. We aim to improve the heat insulation and cost performance of our wooden sashes.

[Awards and media coverage]
Yamagata Prefecture Fitting Exhibition, Excellence Award (2002 to 2006); Yamagata Excellent Design Award, for Yumemado Drehkipp (2010); 2015 Wood Design Award held at Kanagawa University, Lifestyle Design Category Prize for Yumemado EcoSlide (2015).

Yamagata Shimbun, fire preventive equipment certification for cedar wood products (April 17, 2012); Yamagata Shimbun, wooden sash mass production and plant relocation (April 3, 2015); Yamagata Shimbun, living with wood (July 29, 2015); Kenchiku Chishiki Builders magazine (2015, vol. 22); many other architecture magazines.

Obtained fire preventive equipment certification for 13 models (EB-0034, EB-0048, EB-0062, EB-0076, EB-0090, EB-0869, EB-0870, EB-0871, EB-0872, EB-0873, and EB-0874). Applications for three models are pending (passed flame shielding performance testing).

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