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Kyouwa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

We supply automatic assembly equipment to connector manufacturers’ domestic and overseas plants.

We mainly offer an integrated range of production services from mold manufacturing to press working, mechanical assembly, inspection, and electrical wiring for electrical and labor-saving equipment. Our main products include assembly equipment that we supply to connector manufacturers who have plants in Japan and overseas. The equipment automatically performs a series of operations: press-fitting of metal terminals into molded plastic parts of connectors; image inspection; and sealing of embossed carrier tape. We are developing technologies for stabilizing fine-processing accuracy and product quality including insertion punch and positioning sprockets in automatic assembly equipment for small connectors that need high accuracy and speed.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
One of our main products is automatic assembly equipment that we supply to connector manufacturers who have affiliated production businesses in Japan and overseas. We not only supply the equipment, but also have a collaborative relationship with their departments that develop production technologies including molds and production jigs and tools. We also independently develop processing/inspection technologies and products, and through this relationship, these technologies and products develop into additional business in and outside Japan from our customer firms. Recent examples of our independent developments include fine-processing technology that improves electrical efficiency by utilizing high-speed digital control to reduce processing time and improve productivity, and inspection technology that guarantees product quality.

[Business description]
We started operations in 1960, offering press working of metal parts. Since then, we have mainly provided an integrated range of metal parts processing from precision cutting and mold manufacturing to metal press working for electrical and labor-saving equipment. Meanwhile, in recent years, we have been responding to the shift of domestic downstream industries’ production bases to overseas countries and the rise of the mold industry in East Asia. For example, we are expanding our business to parts machining for various industries and contract production of automatic assembly equipment (labor-saving manufacturing machines) including parts manufacturing to stabilize management. Also, we are improving our equipment performance, etc. by establishing fine processing technologies and a quality assurance system that considers customer satisfaction ratings.

Manufacturing of production parts and components

[Representative's message]
We offer integrated production of any parts ranging from processing and manufacturing to mechanical assembly, inspection, and electrical wiring. We constantly pursue technical challenges and develop innovative technologies for customers. We also strive to expand by enhancing our competitiveness and entering new markets in and outside Japan from our existing customers. We introduce advanced equipment and enhance our workforce to ensure customer satisfaction. As a regional small business with limited resources, we will use J-GoodTech to provide information and expand our network.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Like many other small and mid-size firms, we try to open up new markets mainly through the president, and strive to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction. The president acts as a supervisor in helping to respond to customers’ needs jointly with those in charge of design, technical matters, and inspection.

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