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Showa Freezing Plant Co., Ltd.

Highly-acclaimed ice-makers, refrigerators, and freezers with a track record

We have been manufacturing freezers since we were founded in 1982. We mainly manufacture and sell nitrogen ice-makers, freezing equipment, refrigerating equipment, and ice-making equipment for the shipping, distribution, and food industries. Since our establishment, we have also provided consulting on the separation of radioactive contaminants from water, based on our accumulated knowledge and experience. By meeting various customer needs we have expanded our business. We won the Invention Award at the National Invention Commendation, Secretary of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Encouragement Award, Hokkaido Challenging Enterprise Business Innovation Award, and others. We have many pending patents, utility models, and registered trademarks. We aim to meet a wide variety of market needs mainly in our hometown, Kushiro in Hokkaido.


Sales Pitch

Manufacturing of freezers that meet our customers' needs
Manufacturing of nitrogen ice makers charged with nitrogen gas
Once focused mainly on installing freezers in ships, ,we now have extended our operations tot land-use freezers and refrigerators, ice makers, and other equipment and have reached a point lately where fisherpersons, distributors, and related businesses in the food industry require us to make our products sterile and otherwise hygienically clean. To inhibit oxidation, therefore, we have developed equipment capable of making nitrogen-charged ice, and provide freezers and related products in which existing freezers and ice makers can be installed.
Development of systems charged with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen, rather than chemicals.
Our systems use not nitrogen, rather than chemicals, to eliminate oxygen and are safe to use in food, inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and have other advantages. We are now promoting our products with fishing boats, fish markets, wholesalers, warehousing agencies, and other businesses that handle fresh fish.
We help provide both safety and security in food.
Our main objectives are developing manufacturing plants for nitrogen ice and nitrogen water, providing safety and security in food, temperature management for regional fisheries, providing quality control, allowing products to maintain a high level of freshness, to differentiate fresh foods, and establish specific brands. Our aim is to build a society where consumers can buy reliable food.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are based in Kushiro, Hokkaido where the fishery industry thrives, so we mainly manufacture freezing equipment needed on vessels and land. Our strong point is the ability to actively develop products according to customer needs related to freezing and refrigerating equipment, even if not covered by our existing products. We have provided consulting on the separation of radioactive contaminants from water. We are confident in our outstanding ability to develop products. We have received several awards related to the development of products, including the Invention Award at the National Invention Commendation and Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology and New Product Award.

[Business description]
We manufacture nitrogen ice-makers filled with nitrogen gas. We originally started the business focusing on installing freezing equipment on vessels, and now install refrigerating, freezing, and ice-making equipment on land. The food industry is now being requested by fishermen and distribution companies to deal with hygiene such as by sterilization. Thus, we developed equipment for producing ice filled with nitrogen for the purpose of suppressing oxidation. We offer freezing products that can be attached to existing freezing equipment and ice-making equipment.

Freezer manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We ensure the reliability and safety of food, manage the temperature for local fishery companies, offer quality management, provide products with freshness maintained, differentiate perishable foods, and provide our individual label. These are the main purposes for developing a manufacturing plant for nitrogen ice and nitrogen water. We believe that demands for the reliability and safety of food will grow. We want to create a society where consumers can buy food with peace of mind. Although we want to prioritize local companies, we will respond to various needs as required.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our sales staff, Ohno, is in charge of cultivating business, and may also be assisted by the representative of the company.

[Awards and media coverage]
Invention Award at National Invention Commendation in 2011; Secretary of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Encouragement Award; Hokkaido Challenging Enterprise Business Innovation Award; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award at 32nd Excellent Manager Commendation

Hokkaido Shimbun; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

High-pressure gas selling business; equipment manufacturing business; general construction business

[Intellectual property]
Three pending patents; one patent in the United States; four utility models; seven registered trademarks

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Hokkaido Head Office, SMRJ

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