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Latest update: 12/04/2023 15:31:08

Liquid Design Systems Inc.,

24-hour monitoring product for the elderly while they sleep

Kaigo(care) log Med as IoT remote monitoring sysytem for elder people

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Sales Pitch

Baby Sensors for Nursery Schools
IBUKI PLUS, which are baby sensors for nursery schools are designed in a way that a baby only needs to lie on a sensor mat for you to be able to monitor the baby's breathing without touching its body. If the breathing rate become abnormal, the sensor gives off an alert. The special-purpose iPad app can be connected with Bluetooth to enable you to monitor the breathing condition of up to six babies on a remote basis within a distance of 10 m.
This special-purpose app has been developed as a support tool for alleviating the physical and mental burden on childcare-givers by checking the state of naps and breathing of babies and infants conducted every five (or 10 or 15) minutes at child-rearing facilities. These sensors are not medical equipment but do allow you to check the breathing status of children on a remote basis, thereby mainly helping to reduce the mental burden on care-givers.

Other presentation

1.Estimate respiration and heart rate from body movement
The body motion sensor detects the patient's body motion, and monitors the respiratory and heartbeat motions of the sleeping patient without directly touching the patient's body. When there is a significant change in breathing and body movement, the main unit will notify you with an LED and sound.

2.Easy installation by simply laying a sensor mat
Simply place the dedicated sensor mat under the mattress to complete installation, and press the power button to start monitoring.

3.Easy monitoring with iPad app
You can easily monitor your body movements using the iPad app. In addition, sensitivity settings, confirmation of past data, cloud connection settings, etc. can be easily performed with the app.

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