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Sanyou Techno Solutions Tottori Co., Ltd.

We are an electric machinery manufacturer with the rights to 240 pieces of intellectual property.

We are global electric machinery manufacturer. Our 3 main areas of activity are multimedia, communications equipment and circuit boards, and kitchen appliances and medical equipment. For multimedia, we develop Smart Viewers using communications and network technology. We manufacture and sell communications equipment and circuit boards for a wide range of fields in automobiles and electric power. For kitchen appliances and medical equipment, we develop combination microwaves using gas combustion and inverter control technology and develop sterilizers using sterilization and water/heat control technology. We control 240 intellectual property rights including matters being currently filed that focus on communication, network, cooking appliances, and sterilizers.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our strengths are as follows.
(1) Developing and manufacturing stand-alone products to modules supported by a high degree of technology. We have a long track record of dealing with leading companies both in Japan and abroad.
(2) Production and quality management technology and systems to maintain our status at the head of our industry.
(3) Experienced and knowledgeable engineers in multiple fields.
(4) A one stop process that includes all steps from planning through development, manufacturer, and quality management to after-sales service.

[Business description]
We design, develop, and manufacture products according to customer needs in three fields.
(1) Tablets and Monitors: Multimedia-related business focusing on Smart Viewer network technology
(2) Communications Equipment and Circuit Boards: Manufacturing circuit boards used in products from consumer goods to automobiles and electric power. These include circuit boards for home electrical appliances, car battery circuit boards, storage battery circuit boards, and units for communications equipment
(3) Appliances: Kitchen appliances such as combination microwaves using gas combustion and inverter control technology. Medical equipment such as sterilizers using sterilization technology and water/heat control.

Electric machinery manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Our business philosophy is “to deliver good manufacturing and satisfy customers globally, while contributing to a better life.” We will communicate with more customers in Japan and abroad through J-GoodTech. We will contribute customers throughout the world.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our development, production management, and material purchasing functions seamlessly form an overseas business group. We collectively manageconsignment and support of development projects, production and sales management, and material procurement for overseas customers. We respond flexibly and quickly. Further, we utilize consignment manufacturing in China (Canton), the Philippines, and Mexico (Tijuana).

[Awards and media coverage]
We received Superior Quality Performance Award (Japan General Appliance Co., Ltd.) in 2015 for transactions with General Electric Company.

ISO-14001, ISO-9001, ISO-13485
JIS-14001, JIS-9001, JIS-13485
Medical device manufacturing license, authorized Second-class medical device marketers 

[Intellectual property]
We hold about 240 intellectual property rights, including matters being currently filed that focus on communication, networks, cooking appliances, and sterilizers.

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