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We conduct joint research with major companies on safety valves for rockets and maglev trains.

Our company designs and manufactures safety valves for low-temperature gas, steam, gas, liquid, and blow molding machines. We also handle pressure-regulating and safety valves for pure steam, and vacuum safety valves including articles for nuclear equipment. In terms of quality control we have been certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as a manufacturer that conducts tests on high pressure gas equipment. We hold Japanese Utility Model Registration No. S34-53752 for a quick-opening valve using a differential pressure-regulating valve. We received a commendation for safety from the Shinagawa Labor Standards Inspection Office in 2002. We conduct joint research with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. for safety valves for rocket fuel, and with Hitachi, Ltd. for maglev trains.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We established our SDK-0001 Quality Manual and SDK-0011 Quality Plan for certification by the Minister as well as a structured quality assurance system. We have been certified as a manufacturer that conducts tests on high pressure gas equipment. We possess 40 units of mechanical equipment (CNC lathes, high-speed lathes, milling machines, high-speed copying lathes, and so on). We also have 30 units of inspection equipment (high-pressure hydraulic pumps, infrasound testing equipment, Charpy impact testers, magnetic particle flaw detectors, liquid permeation test equipment, and so on). We can employ our equipment to effectively manufacture reliable products.

[Business description]
Our company offers integrated design and manufacturing of safety valves, pressure-reducing valves, and various automatic valves. Our main products include safety valves and other valves for low-temperature gas, and pressure-regulating valves for blow molding machines. We offer pressure-reducing valves and safety valves for pure steam for pharmaceutical and food sterilization equipment. We also handle vacuum safety valves (vacuum breakers) including articles for nuclear equipment, check valves, safety and pressure-reducing valves for steam, gas and liquid, and other automatic valves.

Valve manufacturing

[Representative's message]
We have mainly delivered our products to existing customers based on the trust we have earned and our experience, but we aim to cultivate domestic Japanese and overseas sales networks. We will appoint personnel for domestic Japanese and overseas customers to pursue the potential of our valves.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
The manager of our planning department is the point of contact regarding cultivating marketing channels and major companies. The managers of the planning and engineering departments respond to inquiries about technical matters. We have a system for communicating with overseas customers in English.

[Awards and media coverage]
Safety commendation from the Shinagawa Labor Standards Inspection Office in October 2002.

Inspection certification under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act (MAB-353-N-1). We were certified as a manufacturer who conducts tests on high pressure gas equipment by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1976, and our certification has been updated every three years since then. 

[Intellectual property]
Quick-Opening Valve Using Differential Pressure-Regulating Valve (Japanese Utility Model Registration No. S34-53752).

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