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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:38

Sibel Sangyou Co., Ltd.

Our company applies our know-how regarding materials and inks to provide value-added services.

We manufacture and sell stickers and labels. We also manufacture special printed parts by screen printing. We handle a wide variety of stickers and labels from industrial articles with high quality requirements to commercial products requiring frequent design changes at short turnarounds. We have been increasing our business volume while satisfying various needs for special printed parts in printing, pressing, blanking, inspection, and assembly. We can create labels with excellent functionality by combining materials and inks. We aim to increase our customer base by providing value-added services applicable to various fields. These include functional tapes for use on the human body and conductive printing inks to let electricity through.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Swing POP stickers (with sheet)
We propose these swing POP stickers that are highly innovated version of POP stickers for catching consumers' eyes for cosmetics and toiletries and make your products stand out front.

Ordinary swing POP stickers are generally punched out and then manually provided on double-sided tape .
POPs are therefore used for each sales counter or product group, but posting POPs for each product would be costly.

Sibel Sangyo Co., Ltd.'s original swing POPs, however, are unique.

First, we print a pattern on a sticker as normal. We also glue most or all of the rear side. We normally recommend that this glued area be less than 50%. Our technology, however, has enabled it to be set to 100%.

This 100% gluing is our special technology,

Additionally, we apply the double-sided tape to the surface on an inline basis, thereby half-automating what was previously done manually.

1. You can paste it on containers of any shape. You can paste it to a particular desired location on a plane. We can also propose designs that do not get in the way of your package.
2. It is still very rare to paste swing POPs on all products. If you do it now, therefore, your advertisement will make your product stand out right away.
3. These POPs are not punched out. Instead they are sheets like, for example, a sheet  of five pieces. You can therefore control them by quantity.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an idea of how they will look. Our salesperson will come to your premises, bringing you some samples.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company makes proposals for various business categories and industries. We propose label designs including images. We also propose improvement for product image value and functional value. We conduct quality management to match quality levels with product requirement levels. We provide packaging management and assembly particularly for functional parts that have a long history of use as products. We have an inspection, logistics, and shipping system for high-mix low-volume production.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells stickers and labels. We manufacture special printed parts by screen printing. We provide a wide variety of stickers and labels from industrial articles with high quality requirements to commercial products requiring frequent design changes at short turnarounds. We also handle part of the production process for screen printing, which includes printing, press blanking, inspection, and assembly. We are even actively involved in single-piece trial printing at the product development stage.

Manufacturing (special printing)

[Representative's message]
We directly listen to customer opinions and satisfy customer requests from various perspectives including function, design, quality, and technology. We believe we can make proposals to give new images to consumer products by adding design and quality to industrial labels. We will actively promote development and trial manufacturing of IoT products for new fields as well as functional printed products and parts for the health industry. We work with our subsidiary Dalian Sibel in Dalian, China for overseas business expansion and provide support for your business expansion into the Chinese market.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has prepared our business environment by integrating our sticker printing factory and screen factory in the spring of 2015. This has enabled active information exchange between departments, including functional printing and processing, material procurement, and design. We quickly respond to customer inquiries. We work together with our subsidiary Dalian Sibel in Dalian, China for overseas support.

[Awards and media coverage]
Good Design Gunma Encouragement Prize for Merchandise (FY2013); World Label Contest, Jury's Special Award for Screen Printing (2014).


ISO 9001.

[Intellectual property]
We possess patent rights related to functional adhesive tape.

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