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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:36

Toyo Kougyou Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

We can design and construct air-conditioners and local exhaust systems in the optimal manner.
In response to inquiries for quotes, air-conditioners, local exhaust systems, and similar equipment are generally calculated with excessive specifications. We, on the other hand, investigate the present condition carefully and, from our experience, propose equipment that provides the best specifications.
We have been delivering numerous spot air-conditioners and local exhaust systems to factories and other large spaces. 
Equipment focused on workers can be introduced to save energy.
We are also good at renewing your equipment without affecting your production work.
We can propose solutions to users who find their existing equipment excessive or those who are considering renewing their equipment without affecting their everyday production activities.
We can establish an IOT basis for the control panels of existing air-conditioners, dust collectors, and local exhaust systems.
We have developed an IoT terminal designed specifically for the control panel of contact circuits. You can simply connect it to an existing control panel. Using smartphones or other terminals, you can monitor the operational status, error information, and other equipment details.
On the same day you make simple connections, you can establish an IoT system on your equipment. We can construct the whole system ourselves, including software elements.
Your existing control panels and other legacy equipment can be integrated into an IoT system.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our plant operation unit designs and manages the construction of air conditioners and pipelines, and develops fluid control systems for various factories. This is done by combining existing modules including dust-collection systems, smoke exhaust equipment, air conditioning systems, and plumbing systems and hygiene equipment. Our construction unit provides air conditioners and plumbing systems in large buildings such as commercial complexes, condominiums, schools, and office buildings. We are a full-service facility engineering company that satisfies all kinds of customer needs. We intend to further expand our business while catering to local needs. 

[Business description]
Toyota Motor is a leading manufacturer that played a major role in the development of Japan’s motorization, and our company has been providing them with plant equipment since our establishment. We apply our core design, construction management, and maintenance technologies to provide various equipment including dust collection ducts, smoke or air exhaust ducts, and air, water, gas and steam plumbing. We also produce related control units, including design and installation, and install and maintain air conditioners as well as electrical equipment and machinery necessary for the manufacturing floor. We have expanded the scope of our business to include construction management of water and sewage systems, which are essential to civic life. 

Equipment construction

[Representative's message]
I believe that our company has earned a great deal of trust from Toyota Motor because of our track record. However, we want to reinforce and expand as well as maintain our relationship in the future. Another direction of our growth is to increase our sales ratio of non-plant projects such as public projects to 50%. We will do this while retaining our current sales from plant equipment, such as in the auto sector. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We need to have the ability to create and propose new ideas to promote new business. Our growth strategy will not move forward if individual employees do not grow. This is why we are considering reorganizing our company so that valuable employees can aim for higher goals. We will create a corporate culture where everyone, regardless of their position, can set a goal, and grow while pursuing that goal in various fields within the organization.

ISO 14001

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