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Latest update: 30/09/2019 10:55:24

Isshiki Honten Co., Ltd.

We develop and manufacture products for agriculture. We also sell packing and packaging materials. Our company has 93 years of history.

We have manufactured fruit protection bags since our foundation, and we have had a long relationship with agriculture. The use of plastic has risen in recent years, so we have developed plastic containers for citrus fruit and oxygen-free preservation bags for rice. We always produce products on the basis of farmers’ needs.

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Sales Pitch

We internally develop and manufacture products for agriculture, such as fruit protection bags and NelPack.
We offer various internally developed products for citrus-fruit, fruit-tree, dry-field, and rice farming.
We are developing many products for agriculture in collaboration with farmers and agricultural researchers throughout Japan.
We have nearly 300 purchasing sources and use various materials such as iron, paper, and plastic along with information about processing and the like to satisfy agricultural needs. We develop products in cooperation with many researchers.
We develop products on the basis of farmers’ needs.
We collect farmers’ requests throughout Japan, including problems they want to solve and products they are looking for, so we can provide better products.
We do not give up on overcoming even difficult challenges that are beyond our manufacturing capabilities.
We are developing wildlife repelling materials, bug catching materials, fruit tree growing materials, and so on in this fiscal year.
We develop products based on a completely new idea like those we describe here.
Rain gauges: Our cumulative rain gauges for crop-dusting control are designed to measure the amount of rainfall in agricultural fields to determine the timing of the next crop-dusting at low cost. They are also used as small gifts or commercial products for agrochemical manufacturers.
Longhorn beetle repellent covers: These products protect young trees from dying of damage caused by longhorn beetles. They do not kill adult insects but prevent them from laying eggs and producing their next generation.
ToruciNet: This product is a sticky insect trap capable of protecting bumblebees for pollination in strawberry greenhouses while catching ant cows, thrips, and other similar bugs. Generally, products of this kind may adhere to the worker’s hair or clothes, causing an awkward problem. However, our product is highly regarded for its ability to alleviate such a problem.
We will also launch these products in succession.
Giran Tape: This product uses materials and a structure that are completely different from those of conventional reflective tape. It randomly reflects light in all directions, rather than delivering light far away, to prevent bugs from flying in.
Our citrus fruit polishing gloves allow you to remove dirt on citrus fruit to polish them simply by wiping them lightly. The gloves are made of microfiber material and can be used as towels. (One-size-fits-all)
Our citrus fruit harvesting gloves protect the backs of your hands from thorns on citrus fruit plants during harvesting.
Also, our citrus fruit pruning gloves protect the palms of your hands from thorns on citrus fruit plants during pruning.
These two types of gloves were developed on the basis of farmers’ detailed requests related to handling thorn-covered citrus fruit plants, and are used differently depending on the purpose.