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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:22

Fuji Gomu Industries Co., Ltd.

 An automobile interior/exterior parts (mostly resin and rubber) manufacturer and distributor that handles more than 4 million pieces per month

Our company is a rubber and resin auto parts manufacturer having an integrated production system and quality assurance system that covers everything from planning/design/manufacturing to inspection and delivery. Our company was established in 1965 as a partner factory of Fuji Heavy Industries (currently SUBARU Co., Ltd.). Since then, following the company motto, “A company is not what it seems; it is the people who drive business success,” we have been focusing on human resource development while striving to become a company that is trusted by customers through customer-first management policy. We will continue to work on human resource development based on “grow together” policy and strengthen our organizational structure through mutual trust between employees. Besides, as a development-based proposal company, we will work together to create products that respond to increasingly sophisticated customer needs and environmental changes.

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Manufacture and sale of a wide variety of automotive parts through uncompromising research/design/development, and reliable inspection/planned delivery
Fuji Gomu Industries' product lineup
•Automobile interior parts
Sun visor, shift boots, knobs, cup folders, ventilation grills, etc.

• Automobile exterior parts
Splash board, protector extrusion, wheel arch trim, fog lamp finisher, etc.

• Automobile rubber parts
Air intake boots, general rubber moldings, air intake ducts, high-performance rubber parts, etc.

• Automobiles resin parts
Various resin parts, and small resin parts
Design/development, test/inspection, and logistics system
•Design and development
From the basic design to the detailed product design phase, we meet customer needs and make proposals using 3D CAD. We can also design a rubber formula as a rubber manufacturer. When a new part is decided, we have a development meeting and discuss thoroughly on topics such as insourcing/outsourcing, vendor selection, and mold/die production. These processes enable a smooth start toward the realization of the customer’s idea.

 •Design and development equipment
-Dassault Systèmes Catia Ver.5 (5 units) 
-THK ThinkDesign for 3D CAD (31 units) 
-Toray Engineering 3D Timon for flow analysis (1 unit) 

•Testing and inspection
We have established a quality assurance system for confirming everything from the rubber's fundamental physical properties to the product's reliability by making full use of more than 17 types of inspection and testing equipment.
-Environmental tester: Checks the deterioration of the product under high temperature (180 ℃) and low temperature (-70 ℃) environment.
-Heating tester: Confirms deterioration at high temperatures, ranging from room temperature to 400 ℃.
-Weather resistance tester: Uses a ray of light close to sunlight to promote and confirm the color change, fading, and deterioration.
-Hydraulic vibration tester: Performs an endurance test putting a continuous load on the product.
-Universal tester: Measures tension, compression, and weight of rubber.
-3D measuring device: Measures dimensions and manages data by PC.

•Logistics system (in-house logistics system for reliable inspection and scheduled delivery)
We have our own distribution center. Products are gathered from inside and outside and go through strict shipment inspection before being delivered to the customers.