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Sales Pitch

AI-embedded portable network camera: Monitoring MICS
-Unlike conventional surveillance cameras, this is a simplified portable network camera that does not require installation work and line construction. Connect the camera to a power source (100 V AC). In 3 minutes, it starts delivering video.   
-As for communication, the camera adopts LTE unlimited communication. As a result, high-resolution camera images, which conventional network cameras cannot shoot, can be live-streamed. 
-Unlike conventional cameras, the camera (an optional one) is equipped with a detection system that uses image analysis conducted by AI functions.
-In many cases, a monitoring system is composed of independent devices including a camera unit and a communication unit. However, our product contains all necessary functions in one body. 
-This product saves time and labor for installation work. And at the same time, the costs required for the product can be more than 30% lower than those required for conventional surveillance cameras.
-In certain cases, the camera has been used stably for more than 10 years without being serviced, even when installed outdoors. 
-We offer various solutions which include a monitoring camera that does not use a power supply but is equipped with a solar panel and a battery and a monitoring camera whose power is supplied from an in-vehicle cigar socket. 
-The patented housing structure allows the monitoring camera to be used in various climate zones ranging from a cold region to a subtropical zone.
-Our monitoring camera can be used in all areas in which installation work and line construction cannot be performed. The areas and the usage of the camera include disaster sites, outdoor areas, remote areas, security, surveillance, and safety.  

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