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Latest update: 05/03/2020 17:11:30


Safty bactericide generater maker

Slightly acidic electrolyzed water(HOCL) can kill all kind of microbe. Those are bacteria, mold, east, virus, bacterial spore ETC. It has no color,no tast and slight clorine smell. It is cheaper than any conventional sanitizers and sanitizing methods.


Sales Pitch

Our main products
Line up of HOCL water generator
Those are, HOCL-0.36t, HOCL-0.96t, HOCL-2t, HOCL-3t, HOCL-5t, HOCL-10t, HOCL-20t. Each added No. means generating capacity in ton each hour. And bigger device, we can prepare.
Merits of HOCL water(1)
HOCL water can kill almost all microbes within short time such as several seconds. By the way, bacterial spore is   
  most durable, but few minutes is enough for practical disinfection. Therefor only HOCL is enough for all purpose sanitation. HOCL can be used for sanitation of foodstuff, all equipment, workers hands and also room air.
Merit of HOCL water(2)
HOCL can remove odor of air.

Other presentation

HOCL was invented to solve the problems associated with conventional sanitizer which is used in various fields. HOCL is known to be effective against almost all bacteria. Also, can be handled just like water since it has no toxicity or harmful effects for human. It has an extremely wide range of applications and its market is expected to expand. It is very safe and is cheaper to use than conventional any sanitizers and sanitizing methods. 
 And I expect a demand of HOCL in new fields where conventional sanitizer cannot be used . Those include the fields of agriculture and medical nursing care. We manufacture, sell and install HOCL water generater.

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