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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:42

Kashiwazaki U. S. Tech Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing and sales of household products such as household knitting machine and vacuum bottle, and other businesses 

We constructed a thorough system for manufacturing mechatronic products, from the design and development stage through parts processing, procurement/assembly and quality insurance. Our products meet the specifications from a wide range of fields, including information processing equipment, office equipment, and household equipment such as household knitting machines, vacuum flasks and dish dryers. We also handle industrial equipment such as ozone generators, air cleaners, vending machines, and shaved ice-making machines. We cooperate with 4 or 5 factories to handle medium and mass production products. In addition, we respond in-house to high-value-added large-size products requiring skilled manufacturers. We aim for proactive business development on a national scale. 


Sales Pitch

Introduction to business content, product technologies, and other details
Two-color forming, networking of affiliates, and systems for mass-production and quality assurance
[Business areas covered]
1. Manufacturing and sale of information processing and office equipment and related parts
2. Manufacturing and sale of home equipment, eco-friendly equipment, and related parts
3. Development of the above equipment
4. Commissioned development and manufacturing of OEM products
5. Manufacturing and sale of general-purpose and two-color molded products
6. Repair service for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) 
7. Manufacturing of products related to automatic vendors
8. Handling of cargo transport

[Business segment]

[Corporate strengths]
We are engaged in a continuous series of production engineering from design and development, to parts machining, to procurement, assembly, and quality assurance of consumer equipment (household equipment and home electronics).
1) For products being assembled or mass-produced (labor-intensive), we have four to five affiliated factories, and this allows us to implement our outsourcing policy, thereby cutting costs. Within the company, we can assemble high value-added large products that need relatively high levels of skills (information and industrial equipment).   
2) Plastics forming (two-color, with different materials)   
Overview of our products and technologies
[Strengths of our products and technology]

We previously manufactured "cyclone vacuum cleaners" with a British company. We also manufacture functional water-related equipment, industrial labor-saving machinery, information equipment, and various other products.
An advantage we have is that we are highly acclaimed by our customers in terms of quality control (such as lead time and material control). For robots, electrical equipment, information, and other areas, we have engineers with a rich expertise in specific fields, who settle issues together with salespeople.

[Internal system for exploring sales channels]
With business matching and other support we provide in exploring sales channels by using our relationships with administrative and banking personnel, we will strengthen networks with Niigata Prefecture and neighboring regions, and arrange salespeople over the entire Kanto region, thereby working to expand our scale.

Toward matching
[A message from the CEO]
We are a manufacturer with a 50-year history engaged in the continuous process of product development, machining and processing, assembly, and quality assurance. With our track record of rich experience, we have been operating under the slogan "working to contribute to health maintenance and the ageing society with fewer children" and working as a manufacturer mainly of health equipment, labor-saving machinery, and robots, along with other homebound products and also compatible with international standards.

[The way we intend to utilize J-GoodTech]
Once a subsidiary of a now terminated manufacturer, we have not established or accumulated sales channels on our own. Therefore, we are now receiving and soliciting support from various sources. Since J-GoodTech has the potential to assist us in expanding our business nationwide, we will use them actively and solicit their support.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our production technology includes design development of consumer equipment (household equipment, home electronics appliances) to parts processing, procurement, assembly and quality assurance.
Assembly – Regarding medium and mass produced products (labor-intensive products), we have 4 or 5 cooperative companies through which we can outsource work to promote cost reductions. We can also handle in-house high-value-added large-size products requiring skilled manufacturers. (Information equipment, industrial equipment)
Plastic molding (two-color different raw materials) 

[Business description]
Manufacturing and sales of information processing equipment, office equipment and parts related thereto
Manufacturing and sales of household equipment, environmental equipment and parts related thereto
Development business of the abovementioned equipment
Consigned development and manufacturing of OEM products
Manufacturing and sales of general-purpose and two-color molded products
Liquid crystal device (LCD) repair services 
Manufacturing of vending machine-related goods
Freight transportation handling business


[Representative's message]
We have not constructed or accumulated in-house sales channels because we were previously a subsidiary of a manufacturer that has subsequently closed down. We are looking to proactively expand our market base nationally through J-GoodTech.  

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We seek support for sales channel development, such as business matching. We will proactively use administrative and banking routes to strength networks within Niigata Prefecture. In addition, our sale staff cover the Kanto area in prefectures around the Tokyo metropolis. 

[Awards and media coverage]
Good Design Award

ISO 9001 (TUV)

[Intellectual property]
Possession of various patents

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