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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:45

Kagami Housing Co., Ltd.

We are a specialist manufacturer of highly durable, corrosion resistant emergency storage sheds.

We are a housing manufacturer engaged in the production and sale of aluminum emergency storage sheds and container houses using an integrated production system in our factory. We analyze how to reduce fieldwork at the basic design stage and manufacture products featuring excellent rigidity, durability, rust and corrosion resistance, air-tightness, and insulation using a light-weight steel unit structure. In particular, our emergency storage sheds are composed of aluminum panels reinforced with 45 mm pitch corrugated sheets around the outside and featuring enhanced insulation with 50 mm thick insulation in the walls and ceiling. These features differentiate our products from those of competitors. Our product can also be customized in various ways including the installation of a dust collector or solar-powered uninterruptible power system.


Sales Pitch

Emergency supplies storehouses made of aluminum best suited for storing supplies in case of natural disasters or other emergencies
These storehouses are best suited for stockpiling water, foods, and other supplies in case of a disaster (such as earthquake, flood, or fire). They have lately been introduced not only by the administration but also by private companies for employees who cannot go back home or work around the day, by voluntary disaster prevention organizations in communities, and other organizations, with their awareness of disaster prevention on the rise. We believe that this reflects growing awareness that you can reassure yourself if you are well prepared for emergencies in times when disasters may happen any minute.
Emergency supplies storehouses for outdoor use presuppose that disaster-affected people take refuge in safe places in case of a disaster. The locations of such storehouses are recommended to be safer ones. These storehouses are therefore advantageous in that they can be effectively used in case of an emergency. Indoor stockpiling is disadvantageous in that they are riskier because when a disaster does happen it takes time to take such supplies outdoors and that the storehouses are likely to collapse, disappear, or get otherwise damaged.
Steel warehouses have poor sealability, and tend to accumulate heat and make preserved food and water unfit for eating and drinking. In that sense, emergency supply storehouses made of aluminum have excellent sealability and insulation. This is because aluminum parts are installed to cover the walls, roofs, and all other circumferential parts, with the corrugated sheets on the external walls separated at distances of only 45 mm (75 mm for comparable products of the same kind) to increase strength, with insulators (30 mm thick for similar products of other makes and nothing of the kind available for steel warehouses) laid on the walls and ceilings. All this makes it possible to preserve water and foods for long periods by using such excellent features (such as corrosive resistance and electrical conductivity) of aluminum. Each end is equipped with an aluminum ventilator port to further increase ventilation. 

Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our emergency storage sheds are designed based on structural calculations and consist of aluminum panels reinforced with 45 mm pitch corrugated sheets around the outside (while the typical pitch of competitors is 75 mm) and featuring enhanced insulation with 50 mm thick insulation in the walls and ceiling (while the typical thickness of competitors is 30 mm). Our smoking house features excellent thermal insulation and a sturdy structure despite its light weight and is also available with various options including a dust collector. We also provide specialized housing units that can be customized at the design stage at the request of customers.

[Business description]
We produce aluminum emergency storage sheds (generally delivered based on tenders invited by local governments or public organizations), “smoking houses” developed to meet modern needs with the separation of smoking and non-smoking areas in community spaces such as in airports and universities, temporary housing, shopping and storage units, or buildings designed to meet specific demands requiring special skills. Our main products are light-weight steel housing units. These have a basic design that minimizes fieldwork in the entire process from production at our factory to loading onto a truck with a crane and unloading and installation at the destination site.

Housing manufacturing

[Representative's message]
An increasing number of local governments have been taking various actions for disaster prevention since the Great East Japan Earthquake, but they are still only part of the local governments. There is insufficient budget for disaster prevention measures by local governments, including installing emergency storage sheds. Accordingly, it is risky to rely on public help in case of emergency. Now is the time to protect our own life in this era of uncertainty in terms of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. We emphasize our social contribution by promoting emergency storage sheds and actively offering housing units that can meet the needs of every situation while using the advantage of the J-GoodTech network.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have delivered our products throughout the country for tender-based government-related public projects. Based on this experience, we intend to sell existing products after further customization to private companies and related facilities. We are focusing on marketing and merchandising and developing highly original new products including multi-purpose emergency storage sheds.

[Awards and media coverage]
President Yasuo Kagami was awarded the Yellow Ribbon Metal on April 28, 2016.

ISO 9002, 9001 and 14001 (Kagami Co., Ltd.)

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