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Latest update: 22/12/2017 20:32:37

Sum tech Innovations Co., Ltd.

Our LED inspection device for detecting foreign matter supports food safety and security.

We are a manufacturer of stainless-steel conveyors for food factories. We also design and manufacture customized conveyors made entirely of washable stainless steel. We deliver our products to leading food manufacturers, kitchen appliance manufacturers, and engineering manufacturers. Our main product is an inspection device that uses an RGB LED as the light source for visually detecting foreign matter in raw materials at vegetable processing factories, precooked food processing factories, and frozen food factories. This product, developed and manufactured in-house, contributes to food security and safety and improved quality.


[Product description] It is exceptionally difficult to control LEDs (RGB). We have the knowledge and skills to produce uniform light and take measures against heat. We can independently adjust the W (white), R (red), G (green), and B (blue) colors. We can produce various types of light by mixing the colors. We can also allow emission of uniform light having high luminosity by designing a specific arrangement for the LED chips. The LED becomes hot when used for a long time, and becomes even hotter as illumination intensity increases. Since our product touches food, it is essential to take measures against heat, which we achieve based on our knowledge and experience.


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