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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:41

Alldonet Co., Ltd.

We offer easily implemented IoT cloud services.

Our company offers IoT cloud services. We developed the AMON IoT cloud service platform, which crystallizes over 20 years of system development experience and technologies. AMON is equipped with highly versatile, standard functions, and lets customers quickly and easily implement IoT solutions. Example uses of AMON include adding cloud functionality to a measurement instrument, adding smartphone support to an existing product, managing a current generator, and energy management. It can be applied to improve operational efficiencies in agriculture and aquaculture, and work process management at a production plant. Our engineering team can provide support in Japanese, English, and French.

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Sales Pitch

Alldonet's IoT technology
The Alldonet-developed IoT router Alldobox only needs to be installed in your factory. You can then connect to the factory's Wi-Fi to monitor the shop-floor status with Smartphones and PCs on a real-time basis.
The Alldobox can read temperature, humidity, distance, vibration, current loop current (4 to 20 mA), voltage signal (0 to 24 V), sequencer (PLC) data, and other information.
To launch IoT, you have only to connect an Aldobox to our AMON IoT platform. You do not need to install any special-purpose software. You can customize your monitoring screen easily on your website and make settings for alarm emails and other features. It is therefore useful as a tool for visualizing your shop floor and increasing its efficiency.
You can equip your existing equipment and machinery with IoT capabilities some time after you install them. The existing equipment can be used in the same way as before, which makes our Alldobox both inexpensive and speedy.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We developed our original IoT cloud service platform by relying on our company representative’s more than 25 years of experience and technology in software engineering for IT systems. Our platform’s key advantage is ease of use, because of its highly versatile standard functions. Our strength is in providing optimal solutions for all sorts of businesses, such as improving business process efficiencies, cutting costs, or adding IoT functionality to existing products. Our representative also serves as a lecturer at Osaka Prefecture University and as a member of the University’s Educational Research Council. He is always on the lookout for the latest technology and information in these capacities.

[Business description]
Our company offers IoT cloud services. We developed the AMON IoT cloud service platform, which has been attracting attention as a technology that provides plug-and-play access to IoT solutions. We have developed technologies to assist SMEs with IoT challenges. These products allow companies without IT departments to quickly and inexpensively introduce the IoT into their businesses. Adopting IoT solutions for workplace operational management, work process management, auto report creation, and other tasks can dramatically cut costs and help improve business process efficiencies.

Computer system development

[Representative's message]
We developed the AMON IoT cloud service platform, which is an innovative technology developed on the basis of 25 years of software engineering experience in France, the U.K., and Japan. AMON is an IoT platform that can be used in all types of workplaces and businesses. We welcome inquiries from companies considering an IoT implementation and from companies wishing to add and sell IoT functionality with their existing products (such as mechanical equipment or sensors). We are sure to find the best solution for your needs. Please talk to us first if you are a company considering adopting overseas technology. Our trilingual engineering team (Japanese, English, and French) can assist your company’s growth.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company takes all IoT system aspects into account as an IoT solution provider when we propose solutions. We can provide IoT solutions for your company’s existing hardware by adding cloud-connectivity functions. Our trilingual engineering team (Japanese, English, and French) can assist your company’s business expansion overseas.

[Awards and media coverage]
Best SME Award 2016, sponsored by CCI France Japon

Monodzukuri Business Information-center Osaka, “What is the IoT?” article published in “Moov,press” (March 2016 ); Sakai Journal, “Maximum cloud service support,” article on companies moving with the times published (Vol. 293, February 2016). 

[Intellectual property]
Registered patent for a data transmission device and a remote monitoring system.

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