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Latest update: 22/11/2017 02:12:07

Yahara Metal Co., Ltd.

Metal parts polishing for major companies

We specialize in metal parts polishing and our business is growing. We mainly handle faucets having complex shapes, which are hard to process by automatic machines, as well as stainless steel parts for residential use and motorcycle parts. We have a number of customers in Japan including major companies such as TOTO and Goshigiken Co., Ltd. We have actively introduced polishing robots and automatic machine production, and are constantly improving work efficiency and cultivating human resources such as transferring skills. We utilize the polishing technologies and skills we have cultivated, in consideration of fields such as automobiles, bicycles and ship parts.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We perform small-lot high-mix production (approximately 200 items) of faucets under consignment, and also meet contractors’ requests for short delivery times. We effectively use a polishing belt with our company’s specifications, thereby efficiently processing from rough finishing (#80) to fine finishing (#800). In addition, we use polishing robots and automatic production to reduce the work load. We also actively cultivate human resources such as transferring skills, developing multiple skills and performing QC group activities, thereby creating a lively workplace full of young people.

[Business description]
Our company has a 45-year history and specializes in polishing metal parts. We skillfully finish the surfaces of products having complex 3D shapes, such as the copper alloy cast body of faucets, which is hard for automatic machines to process. We have also performed hairline processing of stainless steel parts for residential use, mirror finishing of motorcycle parts, and mirror polishing of equipment parts. We do business with an industry-leading faucet company listed on the first section of the stock exchange, and are proud of our world-beating quality. We provide high-quality services and short delivery times based on our wealth of experience and hard work.

Consignment production for polishing metal parts

[Representative's message]
Overseas outsourcing due to the yen’s appreciation is progressing, and the number of companies performing polishing production under contract is declining in Japan. We have survived by improving our skills, and can deliver high quality in short delivery times. We have more than 50 employees as a contract polishing manufacturer, and are training young polishers. We will leverage such strengths and actively use J-GoodTech to develop new fields.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We would like to expand sales through contract production for polishing products other than faucets. We hired seven new staff this year and are training them in order to increase the capacity of our polishing process. We would like to handle new materials, in addition to technologies for fine polishing of copper alloy products, and hairline finishing and mirror finishing of stainless steel products.

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