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Latest update: 22/12/2017 19:34:05

Fujikku Tsurigu Co., Ltd.

We manufacture steel fishing hooks that feature stickiness, strength, and sharp tips.

Our company manufactures, sells, and distributes fishing hooks. We have an integrated production system for fishing hooks covering molding, heat treatment, and surface finishing including chemical polishing, coating and special coating. We were early to start development of steel hooks in addition to iron hooks, and we succeeded in manufacturing the first steel hooks in the industry. We manufacture steel fishing hooks featuring stickiness, strength, and sharp tips based on our technologies, and particularly our superior technologies for hardening and polishing. We possess advanced technical capabilities to manufacture hooks for striped beakfish. Few companies can manufacture these hooks in Japan. We started using KEIMURA coating earlier than any other companies for finishing, and we have earned a reputation for quality. We developed automatic production machinery for fishing hooks that can manufacture products with stable quality by making use of aircraft technology.


[Product description] We use special paint that enables visibility in a wide area. This paint develops a bluish-white color due to ultraviolet light (470 nm) in sunlight, fluorescent lamps, and so on. The color blue can catch the attention of fish at a distance because it is a color that is not readily absorbed underwater. The reason why the sea appears blue is an example of how blue light is not readily absorbed in water. Visible light from the sun enters the sea and is reflected in the air, without blue light being absorbed. Blue is also said to strongly attract some kinds of fish because many underwater creatures including plankton develop a blue color. Blue is likely to be very attractive to fish.


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