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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:44

Touei Denka Kougyou Co., Ltd.

Our company is expanding the range of application of aluminum with highly heat-resistant, crackless alumite.

Our company conducts aluminum anodization (alumite) treatment, plating, and chemical conversion coating for products used for optical parts, semiconductor devices, automobiles, sporting goods, timepiece exteriors, and industrial machines. We independently developed heat-resistant, crackless alumite. This product can expand the range of application of aluminum materials because it has excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and voltage resistance. We also develop and propose various alumite treatment technologies to impart design and functional characteristics. Our technologies produce hard, lubricated, oxalic-acid treated, heat-resistant, and base alumite products. We apply our technologies to provide products that satisfy customer needs.


[Product description] The top feature of our TAF TR is that it is crackless. Ordinary hard alumite cracks after alumite treatment because of the manufacturing conditions. However, in many cases cracks were not considered to be problems because hard alumite used to be applied only when coating hardness and abrasion resistance were necessary. Ordinary, non-hard alumite can only withstand heat to about 100 ºC. Heat beyond this temperature causes cracks, so the range of use of alumite has been considered to be up to about 100 ºC. Hard alumite treatment is now considered for various uses in a growing number of cases, and the requested performance is also becoming higher. This is why our company developed TAF TR as a hard alumite product that does not crack even when heated to high temperatures. TAF TR withstands heat up to 350 ºC and does not crack at lower temperatures, excluding products with great voltage and corrosion resistance mentioned below. Room-temperature test pieces were put into and stored in an electric furnace maintained at 350 ºC. The furnace temperature was turned off after one hour of storage and the test pieces were checked for cracks after cooling to room temperature. We evaluate heat resistance with this kind of quick heating and gradual cooling. Some materials showed no cracks or only insignificant cracking even after instantaneous thermal shock of 500 ºC in some tests. The materials begin to become soft at temperature over 400 °C, so it may not be appropriate to use them at such high temperatures. The alumite hardness of our product was Hv 550 when measured by Vickers hardness testing. Our specially coated TAF TR+ showered amazing hardness of Hv 650 among various kinds of alumite, although this depends on the alloy material. The coating of ordinary hard alumite may peel, be seriously damaged, or corrode from a crack if friction with a mating part makes the part surface hot. This directly leads to deterioration of abrasion resistance. Our TAF TR is not subject to such issues because of its great cracking resistance. TAF TR has voltage resistance that is superior to ordinary hard alumite because of its crackless characteristics. Our products with great voltage resistance (50 μm) feature a breakdown voltage of about 2.5 kV AC between the coating and base. (The breakdown voltage of ordinary hard alumite is about 1.0 kV AC.) The crackless characteristics of TAF TR improve corrosion resistance at high temperatures in addition to voltage resistance, and suppress resistance to a mating part in sliding with resin. These characteristics improve the abrasion resistance of parts processed with TAF TR, and also the slidability of mating parts. PTFE support on the surface produces slidability and improves abrasion resistance. We can provide TAF TR products that feature great adhesion. Functional resins are currently used in various fields from electronic and medical equipment to home electronics appliances. There must be strong adhesion between the equipment and resin when aluminum equipment is coated with such materials. TAF TR can realize adhesive coatings with high heat radiation and electric insulation.