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Latest update: 13/07/2017 16:27:37

Saitama Life System Co., Ltd.

A voice generation function allows a simple check for hearing impairment and dementia.

We developed and sold our Security Buzzer with Voice Function, which calls people’s attention by shouting “Help” instead of conventional warning sounds. We developed our Simple Hearing Checker as a continuation of the buzzer. This is intended to simply check elderly people’s hearing to determine at an early stage if an examination is necessary. Pushing a button will play either a word to be repeated or a question to be answered. This is a simple memory check. Therefore, our product is used in nursing care facilities as well as nursery schools, etc. We expect the enhanced functionality will expand its popularity as a conversation support device for those with hearing impairments.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We developed our Simple Hearing Checker Penguin’s Voice. This simply and easily checks elderly people’s hearing in nursing facilities or during care visits. This makes early detection for the necessity of a checkup possible. We plan, develop, and demonstrate products by utilizing our connections with medical and welfare university hospitals and IOC Honjo-Waseda, etc.

[Business description]
We design and manufacture assistive and security devices. Also, we sell assistive devices and nursing care products to welfare facilities, and plan and sell industrial and printed materials to factories. Specifically, we developed and sold our original Security Buzzer with Voice Function in 2008, and used this experience to develop our Simple Hearing Checker  in 2012.

Assistive device manufacturing and sales

[Representative's message]
Our Simple Hearing Checker is lightweight, small, and easy-to-operate. It can also generate words, questions, etc. for a hearing test. We plan to continue promoting and upgrading the Simple Hearing Checker. Our aim is to make it a common piece of medical equipment, like the thermometer and to reduce medical cost for the elderly. This will increase the availability of simple hearing checks. As more people will be able to get checked, early discovery and prevention of hearing or memory loss will be increased.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will increase the number of contracted distributors to improve mail-order sales. We will participate in exhibitions for assistive devices/nursing care products, medical/home equipment, etc. In particular, we will focus on the Tohoku, Shinetsu, and Kyushu regions where the population is aging more rapidly. Also, we will promote our products to police and driving license centers nationwide since seniors are obliged to be tested for dementia upon renewing their driving licenses.

[Awards and media coverage]
Yomiuri Shimbun, Saitama Shimbun, Saihoku Yomiuri Shimbun, Silver Industry News, Silver News, Koureisha Jutaku Shimbun, Television Saitama

[Intellectual property]
Patents granted for “hearing evaluation device” (patent no. 4579334) and “hearing evaluation method and hearing evaluation device used for the method” (patent no. 4796199). Trademark registered (trademark registration no. 5429875), and design registered (design registration no. 1424266).

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